For Seniors Only! -“My Turn” Gives Disabled Older Adults a “Turn” at Retirement

For Seniors Only! -“My Turn” Gives Disabled Older Adults a “Turn” at Retirement
June 12
00:00 2013

“My Turn,” is the senior transition program for aging individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) offered by The Enrichment Center. The main emphasis is the provision of a retirement option for those who are aging with IDD. Through a holistic approach activities are centered around maintaining skills in an environment that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

A “My Turn” Success Story

Ruth began attending the ‘My Turn’ program in February of 2011. Ruth had recently moved to Winston Salem and in with her brother and sister-in-law. The family did not know of



what supports where out there for her but heard of The Enrichment Center. Ruth was limited in her verbal skills and would nod yes or no to questions or provide thumbs up or thumbs down as a response. Due to limited community resources, Ruth spent most of her days at home playing solitaire or coloring.

One year later, Ruth certainly has benefited from her experiences in ‘My Turn’. She is greeting her friends as they exit and enter the room and is initiating and responding verbally in conversation. Ruth still enjoys playing solitaire: however, her preference of daily activities has expanded to involve activities with her peers, such as, team trivia, Wii bowling, bingo, Uno, and Jenga. Engaging in group exercise is also a favorite of hers and she is the first one up to exercise and encourages her friends to join her. You can catch Ruth any given afternoon dancing to music in the ‘My Turn’ room as she is laughing, smiling, and enjoying her time with her new friends.

“My Turn” participants are educated on age related topics and engage in crafts and activities that target maintenance of their cognitive, emotional, and physical wellness. Individuals also have opportunities for inclusion in the community through field trips and volunteerism.

The Gateway Gallery



While “My Turn” is only a couple years old, The Enrichment Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The arts-based program is home to The Gateway Gallery, where participants can display and sell their work. The gallery offers the public the opportunity to view and purchase original art, fine crafts and unique gift items. Community artists are invited to show their work in conjunction with Enrichment Center artists, providing opportunities for integration of talent and ideas.  Exhibits change every two months, with a reception for each opening where the Percussion Ensemble performs in a relaxed atmosphere.

The gallery, located at 1006 S. Marshall St. in Winston-Salem, is open to the public Tuesday through Friday, 12:30-4:30pm. For more information, call 777-0076.

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