For Seniors Only! -Senior Spotlight – Joe Anderson

For Seniors Only!  -Senior Spotlight – Joe Anderson
June 10
00:00 2013

by Karol Wyman

“Man, where does it all come from?!” It was during the wild days of 1967 that Sammy Davis, Jr. reached over and squeezing Joe’s diaphragm hard with both hands, his one good eye popping open in amazement at the music he just heard come pouring out of Joe’s soul, said: “Man, where does it all come from?!”…and Joe just pointed to his heart.

Joe Anderson was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, April 13, 1943. He left for New York City in 1963 and stepped right up into the famed Apollo Theater in Manhattan’s Harlem District. At this famous club highlighting top African-American performers, Joe won First Place at the Apollo’s Amateur Night 4 straight weeks in a row in 1964. As a result, he signed with Atlantic Records’ subsid, Heidi Records. These early records have joined his later ones becoming classic collectors’ gems with fans throughout Europe treasuring songs like “How Long Will It Last?”***, “So Glad”*, “I Can’t Get Enough Of You”**, and “Don’t You Know”****.

Just this last New Year’s Eve, right here in Winston-Salem, with the musical accompaniment and background vocals by his beloved family, wife Gail, and children Sonji and Karim Anderson, hearts were warmed by the silky-smooth sounds of Joe Anderson singing hits recorded in the 60’s and 70’s with newly-shaped, 21st century renditions of his classics. Readers, ****“Don’t You Know”, you do not have to struggle to find these precious recordings of the 60s and 70s Googling throughout Europe, you can hear them LIVE right here! What amazingly sweet, silky-smooth, and jumping hits of the 60s,70s the addition Joe Anderson and the THF’s new Sweet Honey Pot Productions will bring as blessings to any wedding or special family or romantic celebration right now, right here. They can be engaged via

If like Sammy Davis, Jr., were you to ask Joe Anderson: “Man, where does it all come from?!”… Joe would still just point to his heart.

Karol Wyman is a USA/European radio and TV personality and author living now in NC.

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