For Seniors Only! Senior Spotlight – Theresa McCullough

For Seniors Only!  Senior Spotlight – Theresa McCullough
May 02
00:00 2013

Name (nicknames)?

Theresa Segers McCullough (“Tee” or “Resa”)

When and where were you born?

April 19, 1932 in Lancaster, South Carolina, then my family moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 1938.

What did you want to be growing up?

My ambition was to become a teacher but instead I was hired as a Housing Specialist for the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem where I worked for twenty-five years.

What major historical events do you remember from your childhood?

World War II (the bombing of Pearl Harbor), food rationing, severe segregation.

Name one person in your life that has made the  biggest influence.

My mother, Rebecca. She was the kindest, most giving person I have ever known. There were eleven of us in our family, but she took in foster children, family members, etc. Her motto was “You are not responsible for the way others treat you, but you are responsible for the way you treat others”. That works for me, even today.

What activities do you participate in that keeps you physically active?

I am an exercise instructor at the Red Cross and the Gateway YWCA. I am looking forward to The Senior Games on May 29 this year, where I will be one of the instructors helping to beat the world record of 260 participants doing chair exercise!

What activities do you participate in which keep you intellectually challenged?

I am involved in the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry, I am very active in my church, Union Baptist (our pastor Rev. Dr. Sir Walter Lee Mack, Jr. makes sure we all stay busy) and I
volunteer at Medical Park Hospital each week.

What advice for healthy aging do you have for the next generation of seniors?

Eat healthy, exercise as often as possible, think positive thoughts, do what you can, while you can, when you can, tomorrow is not promised.

Is there anything that scares you about the future? Explain.

There is NOTHING that scares me about the future. I have learned that the battles in life are not mine, they are the Lord’s. Since I trust Him, I don’t worry. I am a praying woman, and if I pray,why worry and if I worry, why pray? The two just don’t go together.

Anything else you would like to add?

Had and raised a family of eleven children. I also have fourteen grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. I am truly blessed.

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