Galilee uses ‘Risen’ movie as inspiration for discipleship

Galilee uses ‘Risen’ movie as inspiration for discipleship
April 21
00:00 2016
Photo by Timothy Ramsey
The congregation of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church exit the theater after viewing the film”Risen” on Wednesday, April 13.



The story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has been told many times over the years, from stage to screen.

The congregation of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church held a private viewing of the movie “Risen,” which tells the story of a Roman soldier’s search for Jesus’ body after the Resurrection.  Most often, the Resurrection story is told from the angle of an apostle or a follower of Jesus. This movie chronicles the perspective from the other side.

“I saw the previews and thought it would be a good opportunity to fellowship and perhaps learn something and to celebrate Christ and the Resurrection as a part of this Easter season,” said the Rev. Dr. Nathan Scovens, lead pastor of Galilee, as to why he decided to have this private viewing.

The movie follows Clavius, a Roman tribune, who has just returned home from battle. He is then called by Pontius Pilate to oversee the final moments of the crucifixion of Jesus (or Yeshua, as he is called in the movie). In an effort to quell a potential uprising from followers of Jesus who believe he will rise after three days, Pilate orders Clavius to make sure the body is entombed and guarded to ensure the body cannot be moved.

Following the Resurrection, Clavius is now tasked with finding the body of Jesus as they believe it has been stolen and refuse to believe Jesus has returned.  Clavius then seeks to find the disciples of Jesus, but unexpectedly finds the risen Jesus and finds himself in a state of utter disbelief.

Clavius’ associate Lucius returns to tell Pilate of what he has seen and of what he believes Clavius intends to do.  Once Pilate learns of Clavius’s apparent betrayal, he sends a contingent of Roman troops to pursue Clavius and the disciples.  Clavius helps the disciples evade the Romans and encounters Lucius and shows him mercy instead of violence, as he once showed earlier in the film.

Clavius continues to struggle with what he thinks to be true of the world and what he has seen from Jesus, but eventually begins to believe after seeing the Messiah heal a leper and also witnessing the ascension of Jesus into heaven.

“I thought it was a blessing on my life to be able to see how Jesus was crucified from another perspective, such as someone who was not a believer, and it was a joy to see in the end that he was saved,” said Denise James of Galilee.

The Rev. Jackie Moore Hairston said, “To actually see the Resurrection of Jesus depicted in a movie is just awesome, and it also emphasizes the importance of discipleship and that in itself is a blessing.  I think this movie can make a life-changing impact for someone that may become saved and be glorified that God is still alive.”

Scovens spoke with the congregation in the movie theater following the film, quoting a line from the movie where the disciple Bartholomew is asked by Clavius, “Where are the disciples?” and Bartholomew responds, “They are everywhere.”

He wanted everyone to take that message from the movie and be a disciple for Jesus Christ and to lift him up so that all men may be drawn unto Him.

Scovens, and many from his congregation, recently visited the Holy Land and has been preach-ing from John as part of his post-Resurrection sermons the past few weeks, and felt this movie would be a great way to build onto that message.

Scovens wanted people to understand the difference between fact and fiction in the movie and to provoke some thought.

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