Goler Metropolitan’s Health Ministry wins award

Goler Metropolitan’s Health Ministry wins award
January 21
00:00 2016
Goler Metropolitan’s Health Ministry wins award
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The Goler Health Ministry is shown, with Kimberly Ellerbe holding the “North Carolina of Churches Gold Certificate” for Goler’s Health Ministry.

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The Goler Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church was recently awarded a Gold Certificate from the Partners in Health and Wholeness of the N.C. Council of Churches for its outstanding efforts in promoting a healthier congregation.

Among the many collective efforts for which it was recognized, the church has actively observed and distributed information about “Immunization Awareness Month” in August, the “Alzheimer’s Awareness Breakfast” in October, “Diabetes Awareness Month” in November, and “Tribute to AIDS” in December.

Among the greatest of these initiatives began in 2013, when Goler received an Automated Electronic Defibrillator from Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the North Carolina Council of Churches.

Since receiving the AED, the church has striven to meet certain requirements in order to uphold continued approval and maintenance of the device, one of which being the recertification of a key number of non-medical members in CPR/AED techniques every two years.

Accordingly, funded by a mini-grant from Partners in Health and Wholeness of the North Carolina Council of Churches, Goler’s Health Ministry began a campaign to acquire Adult/Child CPR & AED training for its non-medical members at the start of the current conference year. As a result of the campaign, 24 of Goler’s members, alongside another five individuals from across the Winston Salem District of the A.M.E. Zion Church, received Adult/Child CPR & AED certification by the American Red Cross.

In addition to its collective efforts, the Rev. Johnny L. Ruff has frequently taken it upon himself to lead discussions with the congregation about healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. Other church members have also sphere-headed discussions which aim to educate the congregation on health disparities that disproportionately affect blacks, such as Carol Henry’s presentation of “Stroke and Heart Disease Prevention” and Kimberly Ellerbe’s inspirational testimony about her own recent health challenges and miracles.

For the congregation, the story of Kimberly, an active member of the church and honorary member of Goler’s Health Ministry, has been especially important. In May, Kimberly experienced a sudden change in her health status and was hospitalized. At the time, her condition seemed hopeless and her physicians estimated that she might never leave the hospital. Yet, to the amazement of many, Kimberly recovered in what she relates as a miracle. They insist that her quiet sense of humor and spirit has added great strength to the congregation and has enhanced the Health Ministry’s holistic belief of body, mind and spirit.

In the future, Goler’s Health Ministry plans to continue its efforts toward promoting a healthier congregation and hopes to receive more recognition from the Partners in Health and Wholeness, which regularly awards Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates to churches throughout the state with participating Health Ministries that meet the designated criteria.


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