Guest Editorial: Out and About in the District

Rep. Derwin L. Montgomery

Guest Editorial: Out and About in the District
August 22
00:40 2019

By Rep. Derwin Montgomery

I had the pleasure of spending a morning with the youth at the Trinity Moravian Church Freedom School. It was my delight to join in the morning’s “harambee” session. Each morning students, instructors, and guests shake off the morning rust by participating in a Kenyan tradition called “harambee,” which means “all pull together”. As part of harambee I had the opportunity to share with the group one of my favorite literary works “Oh The Places You Will Go” ~Dr. Seuss. During harambee, students also get a chance to share interesting facts about themselves and classmates, sing popular songs with motivational chants, and practice the latest dance moves. 

After the morning welcome, students split into groups, and a day filled with learning, fun, and excitement I had the opportunity to spend time and speak candidly with the high school students about issues that they felt to be pressing within their communities. It was no surprise that our youth have the same concerns that we as adults have about gun violence, crime, unemployment, and even voting. They share concerns related to our government and how it interacts and supports the community. We spent time talking about how they could make a difference in the way government and systems work in the community at Local, State and Federal levels and how they can become engaged in the processes of government in order to fight for the change they desire. 

The Freedom Schools are summer programs that seek to build strong, literate, and empowered children prepared to make a difference in themselves, their families and communities. Freedom Schools plays a major role in helping students curb summer learning and close achievement gaps. The program has a 6-week curriculum and throughout the six-weeks, special guests stop by and read to students.

The program serves students in grades three through five. The program’s model curriculum supports children and families around five essential components: high-quality academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, social action and civic engagement, inter-generational servant leadership development and nutrition, health and mental health. I was thrilled to have received the invitation to join this fine group of young individuals. Keep up the great work.  

Derwin Montgomery, U.S. House of Representatives – 72nd District

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