Help us save Downtown Bodega!

Help us save Downtown Bodega!
February 07
08:51 2020

Is it time to initiate a true group economics movement and demonstrate the ability and willingness to save black businesses? We think so. 

That’s why we’re working to center the voices of young black entrepreneurs. We’re asking the Winston-Salem community to show love to the Downtown Bodega because the Bodega is the symbolic heart of black entrepreneurship in Winston-Salem.

Downtown Bodega is a convenience store and wine bar located in the Winston-Salem Arts District. A launch pad and platform for 20 local entrepreneurs and the local urban farmer cooperative, the Bodega is a creative hub connecting foodies, creatives and social entrepreneurs and innovators. The Bodega is a protective space for emergent collaboration. As a creative cluster, we incubate low-resourced and underserved entrepreneurs by providing them an opportunity to prove their business concept.


The doors to the Bodega will close if we do not raise $5,000 by February 10.  

Show LOVE for the Bodega by helping us keep the doors open. Saving the Bodega is our movement. Now is OUR time. When we support the Bodega, we’re supporting a host of businesses, families and our greater Winston-Salem community. When large groups of people have few opportunities for economic livelihood, the entire economy suffers – our local government must spend tax money for support and the potential consumers have little to no discretionary income. Saving the Bodega is about putting money and action where our concerns are and demonstrating community. Saving the Bodega is about saving a platform for foodie entrepreneurs, an outlet for our community artists, and a hub to capture synergy.

In Forsyth County, approximately 1 in 5 individuals live in poverty. Poverty rates are higher among blacks (30%) than in the general population. In addition, even though a living wage in N.C. is $12.39/hour for a household of two parents and one child, the minimum wage is $7.25, only $2.25 more than the poverty wage of $5.00. Overall, blacks are worse off now than they were in 2000, losing $1,873 in median income.

Starting a sustainable and healthy business is a viable and critical pathway to breaking the cycle of poverty. Help us keep the Bodega’s doors open and kick off the movement to pump life back into black entrepreneurship in Winston-Salem. 


Mail donations to: Downtown Bodega, 140 W. Sixth St., Winston-Salem, NC  27101.

Online donations:

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