Inside the Dome: First 100 Days

Rep. Derwin L. Montgomery

Inside the Dome: First 100 Days
June 13
08:49 2019

As you have seen with many of my Inside The Dome updates, I try my best to share direct information without getting into the partisan politics that are currently plaguing not only our state government but nationally. It’s my belief that everyday folks are tired of the inability of their lawmakers to work on issues that positively impact their lives. This week, unfortunately, we went down an unnecessary partisan political road with SB 359 and the attempt to override the Governor’s veto. 

For many, the issues of SB 359: Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act were simple, provide care for babies that are born alive. I agree. Any baby born in our state should be cared for. Today, this is already the standard and this bill was a sheep in political wolf’s clothing. 

Already today, NC General Statute 14-17 makes it a Class B2 felony to kill a child born alive, with malice and a Class A felony to kill a child with premeditation and deliberation. NC General Statute 14-18 makes it a Class F felony to kill a child through negligence. Finally, NC General Statute 14-23.1 makes it a Class D felony to unlawfully cause the death of an unborn child. The penalties in SB 359 were less than what the above statutes would require. 

Any baby BORN in our state is considered a human being and treated as such. On the very rare occurrence when doctors have not acted to save the life, they faced criminal prosecution. Current law is sufficient. SB 359 does nothing to further protect the life of a baby. SB 359 was an attempt to drag NC into the national debate around abortion. I respect each person’s view on this sensitive subject and hopefully have reassured each of you that may have been misinformed by the media that babies both unborn and born alive are already protected and will continue to be protected in NC. For this, I have voted to sustain Governor Cooper’s veto on this bill.

It is my hope that we can now turn our attention to ensuring that children born in NC have the greatest amount of opportunity and the playing field is level no matter their race, gender, zip code, economic station, or family educational background. North Carolina is a place where everyday people endowed with a spirit of persistence and ambition should have every chance to THRIVE. Let’s work together to make that a reality in NC!

Derwin L. Montgomery

House of Representatives

72nd District

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