JoAnne Allen seeks more signatures in race for mayor

JoAnne Allen seeks more signatures in race for mayor
March 17
00:00 2016
JoAnne Allen



If Winston-Salem native JoAnne Allen collects enough signatures, Mayor Allen Joines will have competition this fall when citizens across Forsyth County cast their ballots during the general election.

Allen, who is looking to run as an unaffiliated candidate, needs more than 6,000 signatures before Sept. 23 to be added to the ballot. Although the exact number of signatures is unknown, the rule is that she must obtain signatures from at least four percent of registered voters.

During a recent discussion with The Chronicle, Allen said she wants to ensure that every voice in Winston-Salem is heard. Allen mentioned she believes some-where down the line, elected officials lost sight of what their purpose was. According to Allen, elected officials have started to benefit personally from their titles and forgot about the residents.

“I have a problem with that. Winston-Salem is my home. I want to keep things moving forward and that has not happened,” she said. “As mayor, I plan to bring pride back to the city.” During a meet and greet event earlier this month, Allen said she will address a number of issues including decreasing the poverty level.

Based on the population of the city, Winston-Salem ranks number two in the country for the number of residents living at or below the poverty line. Allen argues that although Joines has made strides to decrease the poverty in the area, more should have been done sooner.

“This city did not get this way overnight. City officials have been sitting back and watching this happen and it’s time for a change,” Allen said.

Allen who often speaks during the public comment period at city council meetings and community meetings throughout the city, said, “The city council does not run Winston-Salem.

“Joines and business interests are who really run the city,” she continued. “A number of these businesses have earned millions of dollars while the City of Winston-Salem continues to struggle.”

Allen said she decided she wanted to run for mayor in 2010. According to Allen, she had grown tired of the lack of communication between members of the city council and the residents of the city.

“I’m all about transparency and we are not getting that,” said Allen. “We must put the people first in every step of our decision making.”

Although she is still working on obtaining signatures from registered voters, Allen remains confident that she will be on the ballot this fall. A number of young voters have said they agree with a number of points made by Allen.

On March 24, Allen plans to officially unveil her plan to turn around the city. “We are really gaining momentum among young voters,” she said. “We plan to be on that ballot.”

For more information on this event, visit her official website 

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