Journey of S. Wayne Patterson

January 25
05:00 2018

Busta’s Person of the Week

By Busta Brown
The Chronicle

Let’s go on a journey into S. Wayne Patterson’s world.

“Growing up, my father wasn’t there, so what drove me to be successful is that I always wanted to be better than my father, and be there for my kids,” he said.

Patterson said before his father passed, they repaired their relationship. “When I graduated from school, he was very proud of me. He would tell people ‘That’s my son.’” S. Wayne said his father would frequently express his regret for not being in his life as a child. “I told him I’m good, we can start from here, and that I was there for him.”

Mr. S. Wayne Patterson was born in Winston-Salem, in the Cleveland Projects. He was the youngest of four boys, so family and being a supportive father has always been important in his life.

“All of my kids are athletes. My oldest, Wayne II, is a senior at N.C. State. He’s very fast. He’s run 200 and 400 [meters], he’s an All-American, to God be the Glory. The goal is the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.”

After speaking about his son, his smile and spirit brighten the entire room; it was obvious that he’s a proud and loving father. Still smiling bright, he continued talking about his kids, and I enjoyed every second.

“My second son, Jarrell, he runs club track, he’s Mr. N.C. State, he’s pre-med. When I think of having two boys at N.C. State, I think …Wow!”

His daughter Alexis runs track for Parkland High school. “She’s the fastest girl in Winston,” he said as he continued to glow with pride, like daddies do when speaking of their little girls. “She’s the fastest in the city and the second fastest in the state,” S. Wayne Patterson said.

His youngest was sitting quietly listening and watching his dad. He had the same smile and glow like dad. Lance was very respectful as well and even offered to help me setup my tripod and camera; of course I said yes. Patterson said Lance is the better-rounded athlete in the family. “He’s very good at basketball, football and running track; he does it all.”

Lance gave his dad a reminder nod about his basketball game after the interview, and he did it very smooth.   

I asked S. Wayne if he had any skills. He laughed and said, “My wife, Tamica, ran track, so they get it from her.” He and Tamica have been married for 24 years. “I’m sure you’ve heard about my issues, and I couldn’t have gotten through it without her encouraging me daily. She’s my rock.”

S. Wayne Patterson is involved in a federal tax fraud case.

When I asked the businessman and attorney what is the magic that keeps his wife and kids strong and supportive through his latest trials and tribulations, he said, “One word: Jesus. You have to have your kids grounded in church, and great communication. My wife and I are a team.”

S. Wayne Patterson is very active in the community as well, and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and a member of the Prince Hall Masonic Order, Salem Lodge #139 and Shriners-Sethos Temple #170. The organizations do a back to school event each year, providing book bags, clothes, shoes and school supplies for 100 students. Also, Patterson has served on several boards, be it Carolina Christian College, Winston Lake YMCA, Liberty CDC, Liberty East Redevelopment, Authoring Action, and many, many more for a total of 14 nonprofit boards.

In addition, Mr. Patterson is the former president of the Winston-Salem Branch of the NAACP. 

You can see more of my interview with Patterson on our YouTube channel @Winstonsalem Chronicle.

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