Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
August 23
04:00 2018

We have lost America’s Queen: Aretha Franklin

To the Editor:

The recent passing of Aretha Franklin is the loss of a national treasure. Commonly referred to as the Queen of Soul, her legacy to the soulful spirit of America is unmatched.

The blend of gospel, jazz and earthly soul that flowed naturally from her voice in every song lifted the spirits of fans around the globe. I have danced to her music, reflected on personal growth and been comforted by the soulful lyrics that only an Aretha Franklin song can touch the soul with.

Even though the American Revolutionary War was fought to break the grip of Kings and Queens on the freedoms of unalienable rights, I would hope that Aretha Franklin can be honored as a true American Queen.

Fleming El-Amin, Winston-Salem

Judicial rulings on constitutional amendments on target

To the Editor:

With these constitutional amendments, legislative Republicans clearly sought to mislead voters to rig the system in their favor. Today’s order reaffirms that this is not only wrong but unconstitutional. Republicans should stop intimidating judges by threatening censure and impeachment and instead respect the rule of law and North Carolina voters by not putting intentionally misleading amendments on the ballot.

Wayne Goodwin, Chairman, North Carolina Democratic Party, Raleigh

Note: According to The News and Observer, a three-judge panel of Superior Court judges on Tuesday, Aug. 21, blocked two North Carolina constitutional amendments from statewide ballots. They are the amendments that ask voters to make changes in the state constitution on how state boards and commission members are appointed and how judges are selected to fill vacancies. The order said those ballot questions did not fully inform voters of the changes that would result if the measures passed.

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