August 17
03:00 2017

Groups unite to condemn Charlottesville Alt-Right violence

To the Editor:

We condemn the Alt-Right’s violent expressions of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia. The Alt-Right’s rhetoric and actions have been of consistent concern. But this past weekend, a short three-and-a-half hours from Winston-Salem, the Alt-Right positioned themselves as the deadly central voice of the modern neo-Nazi movement.

The Winston-Salem Branch of the NAACP and the Winston-Salem Urban League are united in support of civil rights organizers opposing the Alt-Right on the ground in Charlottesville. We are prepared to oppose the movement here in Winston-Salem.

Leaders let their voices be heard:

Winston-Salem branch NAACP President, Rev. Alvin Carlisle, said, “Bigotry and hate have no place in our communities. We stand arm in arm with all who reject racism, anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia.”

Winston-Salem Urban League CEO James Perry said, “The rise of the Alt-Right is not unique to Charlottesville. This is a local, regional and national issue of concern. We must all make our voices heard as a reliable opposition to hatred.”

National NAACP Interim President Derrick Johnson remarked, “I say, we must stand strong, arm-in-arm with our neighbors, to speak out in one unified voice. We must use our time, our talents and our resources to assist, and to caution against the repeated rhetoric that helps to fuel this climate of division and derision.”

National Urban League President Marc Morial remarked, “Horrifying expressions of white supremacy and Nazi sympathies sadly are nothing novel in the United States, even in the 21st century. What is shocking is that these demonstrations – with apparent deliberate fatal assaults against counter-protesters – should take place without a clear condemnation from the highest levels of government.”

Winston-Salem Branch of the NAACP, Winston-Salem Urban League, National NAACP and National Urban League

Democratic chairman promotes hope

To the Editor:

To all those Americans who feel disgusted, disturbed, or frightened by President Trump’s latest disgraceful display of bigotry: Do not lose hope.

Do not give in to fear.

And do not be intimidated by this sad excuse for a president. We stand with you and we will never back down.

Tom Perez, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, Washington, D.C.

Note: Perez spoke in response to President Donald Trump’s Aug. 15 press conference where he praised members of the Alt-Right movement aligned with white supremacists and neo-Nazis, perpetuated their talking points, and appeared to endorse the cause of their protests.

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