Letters to the Editor: Election 2016

Letters to the Editor: Election 2016
March 03
00:00 2016

John Larson understands neighborhoods; Vote for him

To The Editor:

As a long-term engaged resident in the South Ward, I strongly support and endorse John Larson for City Council. John Larson has a long history at Old Salem and understands the significance of preservation. Preservation translates into advocating the integrity of “neighborhoods” in South Winston-Salem and throughout the entire city. Having strong, healthy neighborhoods are paramount quality-of-life issues. Careful planning prevents uncontrolled commercial sprawl encroaching into residential neighborhoods causing increased unnecessary traffic, potential crime and lower property values. John Larson is a voice of reason, is community oriented, listens to constituents’ concerns, does not talk over people, does not create divisiveness, unites people together and is committed to ensuring together, we grow a vibrant, enhanced, livable community for ALL citizens. John Larson cares that quality growth with diverse industry occurs in Winston-Salem with good-paying jobs created. John Larson is available, approachable and genuinely interested that all voices are heard and valued without putting political ambition above our neighborhoods! For protecting stronger, healthier neighborhoods Please vote JOHN LARSON for Winston-Salem City Council (South Ward) in the March 15 primary.


Brian L. Allison


Photo ID woes can cause hours away from work

To the Editor:

Getting a photo ID may sound easy, but anyone who has ever sat for hours in the DMV should know how frustrating it can be.

On Dec. 31, 1989, I married and in January we filed our first tax return. The person who prepared our taxes assumed what my last name would be, but when I applied for my new Social Security card, I decided to hyphenate my maiden and married names.

Years later when we moved, I took time off work to go to the DMV to get my address changed. I noticed (too late) that my last name was not hyphenated. I requested that they reissue my driver’s license with my correct name, but was told to come back and bring a document proving my name was hyphenated (and pay again).

The next week I again took time off work and after a lengthy wait, presented my Social Security card and was told that they didn’t accept a government-issued Social Security card as identification! I was given a form to have notarized.

Not to be deterred, I took MORE time off work to go to the bank to have the form notarized, at which time the officer asked for a photo ID – my driver’s license! I went back to the DMV for the third time. It took 12 hours off work and $20 to get a hyphen in my last name.

As for the IRS, after 26 years I have yet to get them to correct my name.

I can only imagine what people may have to go through to get a photo ID. I suggest they vote by absentee ballot.

Judie Holcomb-Pack


Voting leads to transformation and empowerment

To the Editor:

The problems of gentrification, gerrymandering and voter suppression: We progressives are suffering. We have been researched, planned, prayed over, voted on and passed by the following individuals, governing boards and elected officials in North Carolina.

Your city council, school board, county commissioners, state representatives, state senators, U.S. representatives, U.S. Sen. Richard Burr and Governor Pat McCrory turned North Carolina from a progressive educational state to the butt of jokes by late night comedians and some respected news outlets.

Most of the “shady” money shelled out to influence those extreme conservatives and “honorable” elected officers was provided by billionaires Charles and David Koch and our homeboy “little” millionaire Art Pope.

We must vote in the March 15 primary election to choose the candidate to represent us in the general election. Example: As a registered Democrat, I can only vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for president.

If you did not take the time to research the candidates and issues, please ask advice from someone you trust. It may be wise to ask three people and choose the one that got the most votes, then see how well that person or issue will change you and your family in a positive way. You can take a list into the voting booth, so write down the names and issues you plan to vote for.


Call three or more progressive people to go vote with you. Vote early to avoid the long lines and possible rain or emergency on Election Day.

Our local black newspapers are the best places to find true information on the candidates and issues. Please support them by buying ads, memorials and subscriptions.

Exodus 18:21 (paraphrased) But select capable men and women from all the people, men and women who fear GOD, trustworthy men and women who hate dishonest gain, and appoint them as officers over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.

James J. Hankins Wilmington

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