Letters to the Editor: the election, redistricting and police shooting

Letters to the Editor: the election, redistricting and police shooting
December 08
04:50 2016

Not pursuing charges in Scott death undermines trust in justice system

To the Editor:

Use of deadly force against African-Americans and other minorities by law enforcement remains a crisis across the nation. Today’s [Nov. 30] decision not to pursue criminal charges in the death of Keith Lamont Scott [in Mecklenburg County, N.C.] undermines public confidence in the ability of our criminal justice system to produce outcomes that are just and fair.

Here, the District Attorney’s Office, with the assistance of the state, described a process that established the prosecutor as judge and jury, having reviewed the facts leading up to death of Mr. Scott without the benefit of a grand jury determination or a trial.

Too often, we find that prosecutors simply lack the political will to seek justice in these cases.

We will continue to push for federal reforms and the systemic changes necessary to ensure that law enforcement agencies across our country maintain constitutional and equitable policing practices that ensure equal justice under law for all.

– Kristen Clarke

President And Executive Director

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers should pass bill to form independent redistricting plan

To the Editor:

Once again, unconstitutional gerrymandering by the legislature has led to litigation and now the need to hold a special election. This is a golden opportunity for state lawmakers to put North Carolina voters ahead of partisan politics and establish an independent process for re-drawing the state’s legislative maps free from gerrymandering.

Just this past session, a bipartisan majority of N.C. House members co-sponsored House Bill 92, which would have taken redistrict-ing power out of the hands of partisan legislators and given it to non-partisan legislative staff.

We strongly urge lawmakers to pass that independent redistricting plan when they return for their new session in January, so that North Carolina citizens can finally have confidence that their legislative districts are drawn in a fair, impartial and constitutional way that avoids further confusion and delay.

Bob Phillips, Executive Director,

Common Cause North Carolina


Note: A federal court on

Tuesday, Nov. 29, ordered North Carolina lawmakers to redraw the state’s legislative districts by March and ruled that a special legislative election must be held in 2017. The decision comes after the federal court ruled this summer that lawmakers had unconstitutionally gerrymandered 28 legislative districts along racial lines, but allowed the already scheduled 2016 legislative elections to proceed under those unconstitutional maps.

We can begin to work toward stronger future in North Carolina

To the Editor:

I am elated to congratulate Governor-Elect Roy Cooper on his recent victory.

The people of North Carolina have spoken and I look forward to working with our new Governor. Together we will continue to grow the economy, strengthen our public education system, invest in infrastructure, and stand up for the rights of all North Carolinians.

We can now put this election behind us and begin working toward a stronger and brighter future for our great state.

U.S. Rep.  Alma Adams (NC-12) 

Washington, D.C.

Educators glad the stall tactics have ended

To the Editor:

Educators across North Carolina congratulate Governor-Elect Cooper on an outstanding victory.

We look forward to a champion for public school students and educators in the governor’s office.

We are glad the stall tactics have come to an end because North Carolina educators are Ready for Roy.

Mark Jewell President 

North Carolina Association of Educators 


Radical forces outside N.C. defeated McCrory

To the Editor:

North Carolina Values Coalition thanks Governor Pat McCrory for his commitment to the people of North Carolina. His leadership over the last four years will not be forgotten.

Not only has Governor McCrory created a booming economy in North Carolina, where businesses and families thrive, but he has stood strong to protect the privacy, dignity, and safety of our citizens.

Governor McCrory’s defeat was orchestrated by radical forces outside North Carolina that poured millions of dollars into the state to

“eviscerate” our state’s leaders and fundamentally change our state’s values. It was an organized and well-funded strategy, laid out in Blueprint, N.C., and supported by left-wing, out-of-state donors like George Soros, Planned Parenthood, and the Human Rights Campaign. They outspent the Governor two to one.

North Carolina Values Coalition will continue to work with the leaders in the House & Senate to assure grown men are never allowed access into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms or changing facilities and that businesses are free to live and work according to their deeply held religious beliefs.  We want to put Governor-elect Cooper on notice that the citizens of North Carolina will not stand for any attempt by out-of-state interests to fundamentally change our values or compromise the privacy and safety of our children.

Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director

North Carolina Values Coalition


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