LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: North Carolina teachers, education

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: North Carolina teachers, education
May 17
19:19 2018

Educators respond to misleading remarks of lawmakers

To the Editor:

These are the facts: Tomorrow [Wednesday] tens of thousands of educators from across our state will be at the capital because they demand better for our students.

When our elected leaders are proud of being $2,400 behind the national average in per-pupil spending and $9,600 behind the national average in teacher compensation, that is telling. It’s also telling that some of our elected leaders are prioritizing massive corporate tax cuts, instead of putting necessary textbooks and technology into the hands of our students so they have every opportunity at success.

Educators, parents, and community members have had enough of their children being underserved and will hold legislators who do not support students accountable at the ballot box in November.

Mark Jewell, President

North Carolina Association of Educators


Note: The statement is in response to the Republican Leadership press conference Tuesday afternoon, May 15. On May 16, the North Carolina Association of Educators held a March for Students and Rally for Respect as part of its annual Advocacy Day.


Republicans revive lukewarm teacher pay proposal

To the Editor:

Teachers are taking to the streets because Republicans continue to put tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations ahead of our schools.

Republicans today [May 15] refused to address teachers’ concerns and instead reheated the same warmed over proposal that fell flat last year.

Governor [Roy] Cooper’s budget gets teacher pay to the national average in four years and helps teachers with school supplies, textbooks, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Instead of gimmicks and condescendingly telling teachers to be grateful, Republicans should follow Governor Cooper’s lead and give teachers the respect they deserve.

Spokesman Robert Howard

North Carolina Democratic Party


Note: The statement was in response to legislative Republicans’ proposal on teacher pay.

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