LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Salvation Army Winston, Voter ID trial instructions, and Anderson High 1970 Class Reunion

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Salvation Army Winston, Voter ID trial instructions, and Anderson High 1970 Class Reunion
July 23
00:00 2015

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Thank you for the help in trying to gain East Winston building

To the Editor:

The Salvation Army of Winston-Salem is announcing today [Friday, July 17] our decision to withdraw the re-zoning request for the property at 939 Cleveland Avenue.

Our intent had been to provide a shelter for women, families and children on this site.

But after much deliberation and with a concern for what is in the best interest of the homeless families we serve as well as our mission of meeting human need in the name of Jesus Christ without discrimination, we have decided to pursue other options for the relocation of the shelter for women, families and children.

Throughout this process, we have respectfully listened to the concerns of many voices in the Cleveland Avenue community.

We agree with those who point out that the Cleveland Avenue community has been long overlooked, underserved and passed over in years past.

However, we do not believe the presence of a shelter for some of the most vulnerable members of our community would be a detriment to the neighborhood or a deterrent to economic development in the community.

Nevertheless, The Salvation Army will no longer seek to place a shelter on Cleveland Avenue.

Nor will we place shelter residents in a context where they are seen as a detriment to progress.

The goal and desire of The Salvation Army remains constant – to serve our homeless neighbors in a way that honors their humanity, provides resources for them in a season of uncertainty and transition, and enables us to fulfill our mission in a manner that is consistent with our core values and vision.

We extend a special word of thanks to the residents of East Winston who supported our efforts and who engaged in conversations with us to learn more and better understand this need.

Our neighbors who find themselves in a season of homelessness need the support of the entire Winston-Salem neighborhood.

The Salvation Army is committed to the care, safety, and well-being of our neighbors and requests the assistance of the entire community, and our city leaders, to help us continue the search for the appropriate location for the continuance of this vital service with in our city.

Thank you for your time, care and interest in this ministry.

Major James Allison, Area Commander The Salvation Army of Winston-Salem


Keep supporting N.C. NAACP by going to trial

To the Editor:

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support the N.C. NAACP and the Moral Monday Movement at the March and Rally for Voting Rights!

The case is currently being heard at the federal courthouse downtown and is expected to last up to three weeks.

An easy way to continue to show your support is by going to the actual trial.

Court starts at 9 a.m. and goes till roughly 5 p.m., but you may come and go as you please –just be respectful.

Here are some helpful things to remember:

1) NO electronics are permitted, and yes, that includes cell phones, so leave your devices at home or in your car.

2) You must have a photo ID to be able to get into the courtroom.

3) The H.B. 589 trial is being held on the second floor, which means you will have to pass through TWO security checkpoints – be prepared to take off your belt, shoes, and anything else with metal.

4) We know tensions are high and fraught with emotion, but while you are in the courtroom, you must remain respectful and quiet (if you don’t, the judge can have you removed or even hold you in contempt of court).

You really should go sometime in the upcoming weeks. Trust us – it’s a true education!

Forsyth County Democratic Party


Historic Class of 1970 at Anderson High plans celebration

To the Editor:

Returning 45 years later ..

The 1970 Anderson High class was the last class to graduate before busing was used to integrate the WS/FC Schools.

The planning committee invites all the graduates and friends of that class to return to the Anderson Center on Aug. 1 to celebrate, reflect and appreciate the foundation of our molding years.

We have a unique experience to share with each other and to be grateful for the experiences we shared as classmates and friends.

That community has primarily been absorbed by WSSU to continue educating future generations.

Many of us attended primary, elementary and high school in that community formerly known as the Heights.

Some of these students were together for 12 years and have been lifelong friends.

Many of these graduates have become responsible and productive citizens.

All of these graduates have a unique story to share.

Teachers, administrators and friends are invited to join us as we continue to share the good times we had at Anderson Jr. Sr. High School.

Join the planning team of Greg Davis, Paulette Moore, Fleming J. El-Amin, Mable Millner, Patrice Scales, Linda Flynt, Wayne Ledbetter, Gloria Flynt, Denise Harris and Rudy Anderson as we return 45 years later to Anderson.

Our meetings at Forsyth Seafood are about to materialize in a thundering celebration of the last class to graduate on Aug. 1 at the Anderson Center.

Fleming El-Amin

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