Letters to the Editor: Slick Roads and Election Reform

Letters to the Editor: Slick Roads and Election Reform
April 27
10:00 2017

Heavy rains come and go but safety should remain 

To the Editor:

With heavy rain and flooding expected throughout the Carolinas, you should adhere to local authorities and weather warning and instructions.

Be careful on the roads. Here are some recommendations:

*Do not attempt to drive through flooded roads. Just a few inches of water can turn your vehicle into a boat, and could put your life, and the lives of those around you, at great risk. There is also a danger of asphyxiation if your tailpipe becomes filled with water. Turn around; find another way to get to your destination.  Pull over to a safe location if needed.

*Slow down and increase following distances. Speed limits are set for ideal road conditions. When it rains, visibility is reduced and braking distances increase.

*Slowing down in the rain also minimizes car repairs. Many motorists try to move fast through puddles, but it’s actually better for your car if you go slowly. Driving fast can force the water to splash up into your car’s undercarriage and cause damage. Your vehicle could suffer electrical problems and other issues caused by water damage – and many of the repairs involve SUV’s because people mistakenly think they are safe to drive through standing water.

*Don’t drive distracted. Eliminate as many distractions behind the wheel, such as cell phone use. Put your phones away!Disconnect and Drive.

*Watch out for hydroplaning. No car is immune from hydroplaning on wet surfaces, including four-wheel drive vehicles.

*Alert drivers behind you that you’re slowing with your brake lights. Without anti-lock brakes, squeeze the brakes until they are about to lock up and then release. With anti-lock brakes, use the same move – but don’t pump the brakes, which would work against the operation of the ABS system. Slow down as you approach a pothole.

*Buckle up, slow down, and keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.

AAA Carolinas 


Take back your liberty by supporting ballot measure

To the Editor:

We would all like a sustainable future honoring the values of liberty, justice, and prosperity. However, transnational corporations and judges legislating from the bench are in the way! Super PACs, unions, and other large donors to political campaigns have constitutional rights. Money is free speech.

High dollar marketing campaigns result in bought elected officials who do not serve voters. Voters should determine who wins our elections and how they serve our interests.

The NC We the People Campaign is working on a ballot measure which declares that North Carolina supports amending the USA Constitution establishing that corporations cannot buy elections, and human beings – not corporations – are entitled to constitutional rights.

Senators Van Duyn, McKissick and Foushee filed Senate Bill 354, The WE THE PEOPLE ACT!House version of the We the People Act H453 has been filed by Representatives Insko, Gill, Richardson and Quick.

Readers, take back your liberty!

Sign a petition for the ballot measure: Write post cards to your legislators and get other nonprofit organizations to partner with our coalition.

(Currently 20 groups.)

With enough public support, our legislators in Raleigh will allow North Carolinians to vote in November 2018 by getting this onto the ballot!

Ann Hibbard

Lake Junaluska, N.C.

Police accepting applications for Youth Citizens’  Police Academy

To the Editor:

The Winston-Salem Police Department is now accepting applications for the Youth Citizens’ Police Academy.

This program is being offered to young men and women, ages 16 or older, who are interested in learning about the Winston-Salem Police Department or a career in law enforcement.

There is no cost to participate. The application deadline is May 30.

The Youth Citizens’ Police Academy will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 26-30 at the Alexander R. Beaty Public Safety Training and Support Center, 1200 N. Patterson Ave.

Lunch will be provided. Topics will include criminal investigations, forensic services, SWAT demonstration, canine demonstration, the firearms training simulator and more. Application forms and complete information are posted online at

For more information, call Officer Claudia Morgan at 336-408-8126 or send an email to

Winston-Salem Police Department

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