Letters to the Editor: Trump’s executive order

Letters to the Editor: Trump’s executive order
February 02
05:30 2017

Executive order on refugees is damaging to our nation

To the Editor:

Today’s [Jan. 27] executive order by President Trump continues a string of initiatives ostensibly designed to create a safer nation, but which, in reality, do no such thing. Instead, they alienate us from the rest of the world, instill fear in our friends, and turn away vulnerable children and families seeking safety. A nation whose iconic symbol welcomes to our shores those who are suffering persecution and despair now substitutes a wall of isolation in its stead.

President Trump’s order to ban entry by people from Muslim-majority nations, temporarily suspend the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, and indefinitely ban Syrian refugees from entering the country is nothing less than inhumane.

The orders would not only impact refugees, but could also affect individuals from the targeted nations returning home from travel abroad. Rather than playing a leading role in a global humanitarian response, these actions – whether it is for a matter of days, months, or potentially years – send a powerful, damaging, and fearful message to the rest of the world.

Protecting our nation from terrorist attacks is indeed a top priority for us all. However, this goal is not served by baseless, fear-driven actions targeting an entire religion or region of the world. From turning away Jewish refugees fleeing Europe during World War II, to more recently rejecting Haitian immigrants escaping calamitous conditions in their home country, we have, at times, failed to live up to our principles and we have always come to regret it. Today, we forget lessons learned and repeat the same mistakes of the past – to the harm of many innocent children and families and, as important, our nation’s long-term security and international reputation.

The North Carolina Justice Center is proud to stand with Muslim and refugee communities in our state in the fight against Islamophobia and for workable and humane policies that honor the best of our nation’s values and, as such, enhance our security. We mourn this sad moment in our history as our country turns its back on human suffering and embraces policies driven by fear and bigotry.

N.C. Justice Center


Trump’s order will divide U.S., hurt working families

To the Editor:

President Trump’s executive action on immigration today [Jan. 27] continues what he started on Wednesday, increasing the criminalization of hard-working immigrants and their families instead of fixing a system that has been rigged against working families. His actions will divide and weaken our nation rather than honor the commitment he made in his oath of office, ‘to protect, honor, and defend’ American justice, welfare and liberty.

Immigrants and their families have always contributed to our great nation and our economy, owning a fifth of all small businesses and doing the work that our families need and that drives our economy, like caring for our children and parents and securing and cleaning our  offices and airports.

President Trump claims to speak for working people, but his executive actions this week will hurt our economy and make it easier for low-road employers to take advantage of scared immigrant workers, driving down wages for everyone while enriching private prison companies.

America has a long history of welcoming immigrants, including our Muslim brothers and sisters, to our shores and they are an essential part of what makes our country strong. Scapegoating families who are trying to provide for their children undermines American values.

SEIU members and our communities are ready to stand up, show up and rise up by the millions to fight for a say in the economic and political system rigged against us by bad corporate actors and self-interested politicians. We will stay in the streets and continue mobilizing until we can return our economy and democracy into the rightful hands of the people.

SEIU International President 

Mary Kay Henry 


Note: The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) unites 2 million diverse members in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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