Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
October 25
00:00 2012

Linda Coleman

To the Editor:

I am proud to stand beside Linda Coleman on the day the polls open and am positive that she will be our next Lieutenant Governor. I urge voters all across this state to vote for Linda Coleman as I have done today.

As an educator myself, I know Linda Coleman understands that education is the key that unlocks the future for so many of our young people. She understands the inner workings of our economy. I feel more comfort knowing that North Carolina will have a true champion for the middle-class presiding over the North Carolina Senate. As a former teacher and legislator, she knows first-hand the difficulties facing our state. More importantly, she knows how to set aside partisanship to produce results for the people of North Carolina.

Dr. Maya Angelou, famed author and Winston-Salem resident 


Smear campaign?

To the Editor:

I find deeply troubling the release of last Friday’s (Winston-Salem Journal) article regarding my past relationship and private life.  Not just because it was a false reflection of my character, but also because it was a smear attempt (by) my opponent’s supporters (who dug) into my personal private life matters that should remain private. There has clearly been a use and abuse of the other side’s job position in obtaining the details contained in those ridiculous police reports, in that the contents disclosed in Friday’s article are not public and can only be accessed by law enforcement or by members of the District Attorney’s Office.

Integrity is a quality that people want in judges and it seems to be lacking in someone that begins a smear campaign by using their employment position to gain non-public access to information to purposefully harm the reputation of another with no proof or facts regarding alleged events. I hope voters consider that when they vote in this upcoming election.

I appreciate the outpouring of concern and support that I have been shown since the release of last Friday’s article and I will continue on with my campaign full force to seek a victory on Nov. 6.

Amy Allred, District Court candidate


Support Roemer

To the Editor:

My Law Enforcement career began as an explorer in 1975, I spent years as a Winston Salem Police officer and a Forsyth County Deputy Sheriff, I learned that the people who make up the judicial system are a special breed. It gets in your blood, and your purpose is to help others and enforce the laws of our great country. People are not always happy, but justice does prevail.

I have known Judge Roemer for her  entire career, I watched her grow into one the most respected Judges on the bench. I endorse Judge Roemer, and ask each of you to get out and vote to re-elect Judge Roemer.

Barbara Smith, retired Forsyth County Deputy Sheriff


Vote Sipprell

To the Editor:

I take personal delight in recommending David Sipprell as a candidate for District Court Judge.

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe him.  His personal history is immaculate. He is a product of our local schools.  His undergraduate studies were at UNC Chapel Hill, and he is an honor graduate of the law school there. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where he served as assistant staff judge advocate.  In private law practice, he distinguished himself as a committed Assistant District Attorney.

David’s community service is well-known.I am sure he would serve with distinction as District Court Judge.  I believe he has earned the support of everyone. He has earned my vote.

Frank Morgan, a Winston-Salem retired school principal


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