Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
May 27
13:42 2020

A personal Tribute

To the Editor:

I’ve known Alderman Larry Womble since the 60s and 70s. My first encounter with Larry was at an Aldermen meeting. After some time, I found him to be a friend and wonderful person who you could call on at any time. He was never too busy to listen to your concerns or what you had to say. In other words, he was a good listener, and he acted accordingly.
In the 70s, I was vice president of Morningside Homeowners’ Association and Alderman Womble faithfully attended many of the meetings. He was kind-hearted, always willing to help and accomplished what he sought out to do for the community. There was a traffic problem at Pleasant and Waughtown Street intersections. He was instrumental in ensuring that the traffic light was installed for everyone’s safety. This is who he was—I remember there were some issues at the city and I shared those concerns with him. The very next day, he showed up at the city, changed out of his dress suit and tie into a pair of bib overalls and worked as a laborer beside me. In this way, he was able to see those issues and diffuse them. 

Alderman Larry Womble, a warrior and my friend! Tall in stature, humble in spirit. You will be missed, but your labor of love will always remain in our hearts. Well done thou good and faithful servant … I won’t say goodbye but Good Morning!
Rest in peace, my Brother

Richard Brown

Morticia Parmon Killian will serve us well

To the Editor

As convener and member of the Northeast Ward Municipal Committee, I am proud to have worked with leaders using their various knowledge and talents (Thank you Eunice Campbell for your analytical prowess), who produced and put forward a transparent process to elect on Saturday, May 23, our interim representative to city council.

Congratulations to Morticia (Tee Tee) Parmon Killian, our newly-elected interim rep. for Northeast Ward City Council. Thank you for putting yourself in the election process and as a candidate for this interim position. You have served your country, worked in the community, and we know you will serve us well as our Northeast Ward Interim Representative.

Chenita Johnson 


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