Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
August 05
12:59 2020

Voting solution

To The Editor:

The path to voting in the 2020 election will almost certainly be filled with landmines. From concerns about voter suppression to the reliability of mail-in ballots, there is a great deal of angst on all sides of the political spectrum. Perhaps the greatest fear is that, thanks to a pandemic-induced shortage of poll workers, the number of polling places will be reduced, and voters will face long lines at those that remain. But there is a way to fix that.

Boards of Elections everywhere should immediately begin a campaign to recruit Americans who have recovered from COVID-19 and are neither at risk of reinfection nor of spreading the disease to others. What a great opportunity for patriotic citizens to serve their country and defend our democracy. And with four million cases having come and gone, there is no shortage of those who would qualify. Combine that with social distancing, strict voter mask requirements, and the availability of hand sanitizer and disposable masks for those without, and you have a recipe for a safe and more normal election.

 Jeffrey Zalles

Southport, N.C.

John Lewis’ courage

To The Editor:

The MacMillan Dictionary for Children (Revised 1982) defines courage as a strength that a person has that helps him or her to face danger by overcoming fear; (bravery). A courageous person can face something that is dangerous, very hard or painful, by overcoming fear.

At his passing on 7-17-20, all friends and fellow congressmen of Rep. John Lewis said he had the mind and spirit to be a good man who didn’t give up, and didn’t shy away from stirring up good trouble.  John Lewis demanded of himself to stand up for justice and fairness until his life’s journey here on earth was over.  

We individually and collectively could choose to make this a more just and fair America if we spent more energy loving one another and stirring up good trouble as Mr. Lewis did. Are you inspired to follow his vision? And are you courageous enough to vote the destructive and inept Donald Trump out of office in November, so we can start anew with one who tells the truth, and know that democracy is a government in which we all must honor our laws and that these laws are to treat all people as equals.

Luzianna Gray


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