Letters to the Editor: Brenda Diggs

Letters to the Editor: Brenda Diggs
August 29
00:00 2013

To the Editor:

Winston-Salem faces the most challenging economic crisis of a lifetime.  We are called to create a vision of the future that is one of restored relationships among all people and one of peace and justice. We will renew our city only if we all work together — individuals, the private sector and government — for enduring change.

What style of leadership do we need to move forward together? Brenda Diggs will provide leadership that sets the vision, organizes the resources and directs progress for our city.

Brenda will be a true servant-leader, exemplifying reconciliation in the midst of a complex society. She will provide effective leadership, fostering trust between leader and constituents. This model represents change.

Strong forces are at work in the world and in our city, demanding our resources and challenging our sense of right and wrong. Brenda will stand firm and work with all in this community to reconcile and unite. This model represents change.

Your support for Brenda Diggs on September 10, 2013 will bring to the City Council wisdom, experience and a passion for equity across our community.

The Hebrew word SHALOM, whose basic meaning is wholeness, comes when we experience harmony and unity with God, with others and with creation itself. Brenda Diggs is a leader with an optimistic vision of growth and development in this city, a vision of wholeness, a vision of peace, progress and justice.

If you live in the Northeast Ward, vote for this future. Vote for Brenda Diggs for City Council!


Rev. Dr. James Ferree



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