Letters to the Editor: Outraged

Letters to the Editor: Outraged
September 05
00:00 2013

To the Editor:

Reading The Chronicle today made my blood boil. First, a foul, abusive, ignorant, vicious white woman calls a father and his children “niggers” at the Winston Lake Family YMCA and the leadership wants to mediate a solution to this type of evil name calling. What is there to mediate? A better solution would have been to banish her from using the facility. What if this woman should encounter a child alone without their parents to protect them and certainly without the protection of management? What if in the future she should encounter someone whose response to being called “nigger” is totally different and she ends up going over the railing? I suppose management would not have to ponder mediation or, for that matter, a solution to the problem. It seems to me that the surrogate leaders at the Winston Lake Family YMCA should want to protect all members from this person. Since obviously she has not been banned from using the facility, it would be wise to inform other members who she is so they can totally avoid her. People do not go to the Winston Lake Family YMCA to be insulted and called names. There are so many other places in Winston Salem to go to for that.

And then on the same page, a man in 2010 supposedly heard some students talking about receiving credits for voting. So why could he not “man up” then and learn more of what they were talking about rather than waiting until July 2013 to express his concerns before jumping on the Republican voter suppression mandate of a political party that is on its way to extinction?


Sheila Strain-Bell




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