Man’s rules versus God’s rules

Man’s rules versus God’s rules
January 05
04:45 2017

Nathan Tabor

Guest Columnist

In society, we have many rules. Most of these rules are made up by man. Now these rules can cover everything from the mundane to the most serious.

However, the most important rules are created by God. And these rules trump any rules made by man.

There are several things that God has set forth, which can drastically and negatively affect your life. Why? Because these things are bad, and no good can ever come of them.

Both man’s rules and God’s rules are established for our own good. The difference is that man’s rules are established with the “best intentions” for the common good or because those in charge believe it’s best for everyone else. However, God established His rules with the knowledge and 100 percent certainty that His way is the best way.

In Proverbs 6, God lists seven things that He hates.  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines hate as “intense hostility and aversion.”

*A proud look is hard to control at times. It takes practice to manage pride and boastfulness. And for some it takes more practice than others.

*A lying tongue is damaging to the person who says it and the person it’s said about. It’s so easy to tell a little “white lie” and rationalize that the lie is best for all concerned. Truth is, it isn’t. In fact, it never is. No action or inaction will ever be more important than telling the truth.

*Hands that shed innocent blood isn’t one I’ve experienced in a literal sense. But God’s intention is not always the literal interpretation of His words. You see, at times I’ve been so angry or consumed that I’ve wanted to strangle someone. Thank goodness I’ve never acted upon it. But God’s meaning behind these words are, as I said, less literal. The things we say and do can sometimes cause an avalanche of results that we never intended or foresaw. And even though we don’t have the foresight, God always does.

*A heart that devises wicked plans is bad. What proceeds from the mouth comes from the heart.

*Feet that are swift in running to evil involves more than just motion. For example, I try to stay away from gossip or spreading rumors. You see, gossip and rumors don’t involve using your feet, but these actions can quickly grow feet of their own.

These first five things that God hates all deal with the individual person and their actions. These are things that a person can control about themselves. The next two things that God hates address personal actions toward others.

*Bearing false witness is the act of telling a lie about another person to either hurt them or provide an advantage for yourself. Another example would be lying to a police officer or while under oath in a court of law to change the outcome of a case or being deceitful in a business action.

*The last thing that God hates is one who sows discord among brethren. Don’t gossip and don’t spread rumors.

In the end, God’s word holds the key to living a fruitful and blessed life.  The key is applying this knowledge and wisdom to our everyday life.   I’m daily working on things in my life and I pray you will commit to do the same!

Nathan Tabor is an award-winning entrepreneur, business consultant, executive coach and speaker based in Winston-Salem.

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