Masonic lodge makes surprise donation

Brothers from Bivouac Lodge #503 donate $1,200 to Hall-Woodward Elementary School and Principal Kenneth Jordan on Thursday Nov. 15.

Masonic lodge makes surprise donation
November 29
00:30 2018

On Thursday Nov. 15, Hall-Woodward Elementary School received a visit and a surprise donation from Bivouac Lodge #503, a nonprofit masonic organization in Winston-Salem, at 1025 E. 14th St. 

On that Thursday night, Hall-Woodward, held a Book Fair night for their students and parents.  Bivouac Lodge contacted the principal, Kenneth Jordan, and commended him for all the work he’s doing at Hall-Woodward and said the lodge would like to make a presentation.  Principal Jordan was thrilled and did not expect a donation in the amount of $1,200. 

For the past five years, Bivouac Lodge has sponsored a Motorcycle Charity Ride that raises funds to help purchase school supplies for socioeconomically disadvantaged kids throughout the Cleveland community. The lodge had extra money left over from the Charity Ride and wanted to help a local school. With all the cutting of state funds, lodge brothers knew there were schools right here in the city that could use the extra help. So after careful due diligence, the lodge decided to donate the remainder of the funds to Hall-Woodward Elementary school to help with school supplies and other items to help students obtain their learning objectives.

Principal Jordan and his staff thanked Bivouac Lodge and let them know the funds would be used wisely and for the benefit of the students. 

Principal Jordan also stated that if more organizations such as Bivouac Lodge became more involved with schools in the city, it would help create a stable environment more conducive to learning within the community.


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