Medicure acquires Marley Drug Pharmacy to distribute low-cost medications

Medicure acquires Marley Drug Pharmacy to distribute low-cost medications
December 18
11:00 2020

In a rare move, a drug manufacturer will bypass the traditional approach and provide access to affordable medications across the United States via Marley Drug’s established mail order pharmacy.  

With licensing to deliver prescription drugs to all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, and with an established vision to deliver low cost generic medications, Marley Drug Pharmacy was the natural choice for like-minded Canadian drug manufacturer, Medicure Inc., to further expand distribution of its products within the United States, included its branded statin, Zypitamag® (pitavastatin).  

The acquisition allows Medicureto bypass wholesalers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), in an effort to reduce consumer drug costs and provide patients across the U.S. easier access to Zypitamag®, which was extremely difficult for patients and physicians to access because of restrictions and high co-pays dictated by insurers and PBMs. Through Marley Drug Pharmacy, Medicurecan now deliver Zypitamag® to patients in every U.S. state without customers needing to use their insurance, or worry if the prescription will be covered. Medicurecan also provide Zypitamag® at a lower price overall, and a fraction of the cash price of a leading branded statin Livalo® (pitavastatin). As a manufacturer, Medicureintends to provide other branded medications using a similar approach, in addition to extremely low cost generic medications.

“It’s a perfect and responsible transition for Marley Drug,” said Dr. David Marley, CEO & President of Marley Drug. “Medicureshares our moral mission to cut drug costs for consumers. Since 2012 we have offered Marley’s Extended Supply Generic Drug Program, which was designed to battle the skyrocketing costs of name-brand drugs, and offer patients affordable alternatives, without increasing co-pays or limiting access to popular generics.  We worked hard to acquire permits in every state.  Now Medicurecan offer Zypitamag® from coast to coast at a fraction of the cost, without the hassle of PBMs and wholesalers.” 

“Medicure and Marley Drug have the same vision. We want to deliver safe, efficacious and cost-effective medicines that benefit patients and healthcare providers. Our goal is to increase patient access to Zypitamag® while keeping the process and pricing as simple as possible. Through Marley Drug Pharmacy, we can now provide these benefits regardless of insurance or location,” said Dr. Albert Friesen, CEO of Medicure. “There will be no changes to the hours, location or to the great staff and customer service that Marley has built, and look to hire more staff as business grows. Dave Marley will remain a member of the leadership team, and we want Marley Drug to remain a trusted business within the community, and hopefully, this is a game-changing approach that gains attention nationwide.”

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