More meeting of the (comedic) minds

November 16
10:00 2017

By Busta Brown

The Chronicle

Welcome to Part 2 of my clean comedy roundtable with some of the most in demand clean comedians in the country.

“I love the Lord, but when I used profanity, I loved it; every bit of it.” That’s Comedian Simply Net. She no longer uses profanity during her standup comedy performances, so I asked who’s funnier, the profanity Net or clean Net?  “Clean Net; because it takes a lot more creativity to be funny, and not use any vulgar language.”

When I asked if it was challenging to be a clean comedian versus one that commands the audience with using profanity, funny man Tim Shropshire shared his thoughts. “For me personally, no. When it’s you, it’s not a challenge at all; it’s when you’re being fake is the tough part. I think it’s harder not being a clean comic and try to do a clean show.”

In Part 1 of the clean comedy roundtable, I asked if the comics liked the label Christian Comedian or would you rather comedian. Here, Simply Net looked at me with a cute sneaky little grin, we all began laughing, and then she gave a classic Net response. “I love being labeled Christian Comedian, cuz I was so wrong for so many years, and I need that reminder.”

Although we were having fun with the question, her next response was serious and personal.

“I’ve been told not use Christian comedian, because it would stop me from reaching my maximum potential. When I first went clean, a lot of people that I worked with wouldn’t work with me anymore.” I could see it in her eyes that she was disappointed. “I had developed friendships over the years with groups that I thought were sincere. I had a very dear friend who I admired as a comedian and he said now that you’re a Christian comedian, I don’t think you can cut it. He said he had no respect for me.” 

I asked why she went clean. “Not for respect for man, it was really about my relationship with God. Even though He blessed what I did when I was raunchy, He got no glory out of it. It was like Thanksgiving without the turkey. It was just something missing.”

I asked Tim and Net about a very sensitive topic in the church – tithes and offerings – and they were extremely honest.

Tim was the first to respond. “I saw the most saved and churched up license plate I’ve ever seen on the back of a Mercedes. It said, ‘I tithe.’  I said, what! It stirred something in me. I’m not saying tithing is overrated, but is the tithe misused?  Are you trying to get me to tithe to be a faithful giver or because that’s how you getting your money?” His next response was even more raw, honest and thought provoking, “The church correlates your way of getting blessed is by the tithe.” 

Simply Net shared something about tithing that a lot of us feel when a pastor puts an amount on an offering.

The clean comedian roundtable was not only hilarious, but very thought provoking and honest. Check out more of the roundtable with Christian comedians Simply Net and Tim Shropshire on our channel @Winstonsalem Chronicle. Karen “Simply Net” Canion is the wife and business partner of The Biggest Loser contestant and motivational speaker Ken Canion. She has starred in films, theater, and TV commercials.  Contact Net at 336-451-9088.

Tim Shropshire, a former N.C. A&T State football letterman and Fayetteville, N.C., native who recently released his debut stand-up comedy DVD “My British Wife & I.” This special chronicles the ins and outs of his life experiences with an uninhibited, comedic spin. Tim captures his audience by his creative story-telling and improv abilities.

“This is comedy at its best … if anyone wants to hear real comedy, pure comedy, this is it,” said Grammy Awarding Winning Gospel Artist Donnie McClurkin. Tim also receives high acclaims from Gospel Legend Pastor John P. Kee. Tim lives by the slogan “Comedy the way God likes it.”

Contact Tim at

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