Carver High School prom is lit as ‘Casino Night’

Students at Carver High School's prom on Saturday, May 20, at the Hawthorne Inn. The theme for the evening was “Casino Night 2023".

Carver High School prom is lit as ‘Casino Night’
June 02
07:34 2023

By Felecia Piggott-Long, Ph.D.

More than 180 students and educators attended Carver High School’s prom on Saturday, May 20, at the Hawthorne Inn. The theme for the evening was “Casino Night 2023,” and the guys and dolls dressed in their finery as they danced to the rhythms of King J the DJ (Joshua Gakeri). It was hard to find space on the dance floor because the crowd kept on rockin’ to the beats, such as “Fineto” by Chief Keef, “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill,  “I Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert, “1942” by G-Eazy, “No Love” by Eminem, and  “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton. English department chair Chris Lee and SRO Officer William Armstrong joined the students on the dance floor toward the end of the evening.

Senior Deja Cook went to the prom with five friends, and she was glad she did not miss this year’s event.

“It was fun! I had a good time dancing and hanging out with my friends,” Cook said. “The music was dope, and I was on the dance floor most of the time.”

According to Kimberly Scales, fashion merchandising instructor, “The fashions this year were very modern with a twist of vintage, such as lace, feathers, and sequins. The mermaid dresses were coordinated with tailored suits with visible ankles. Festive colors such as purple, red, and yellow created a colorful, festive atmosphere. Jewels and accessories were very modern.”

Seniors Kevin Springs, Jr. and Jacqueline Hauser were crowned Prom King and Prom Queen. Juniors Jonathan Gakeri and Da’Shanea Goins were crowned Prom Prince and Prom Princess. Prom Royalty expressed good vibrations about winning this recognition.

“I was in shock. I did not think I was going to win,” said Hauser. “It made me feel grateful to my friends and classmates. A lot of people around me must like me and care about me. It was a good feeling that they liked me enough to crown me Prom Queen.”

For Gakeri, being crowned Prom Prince was an unexpected experience.

“It made me happy. I was not able to put up all of my posters and flyers around the school, but I did post that I was running on social media,” said Gakeri. “Da’Shanea and I won together, and she was the only one I wanted to win with.”

According to Goins, winning Prom Princess is a definite confidence booster.

“At first, I did not think that I would win, but a lot of my friends expected me to win. I was in shock,” Goins said. “It felt good to see that people actually notice me, that I have some status in the school. I am a part of something great.” 

The prom advisors for 2023 included Crystal Davidson, Kashemi Ferguson, Patricia Hutchison, and Alexes Johnson. The junior and senior classes came up with the theme of Casino Night. Sue Gainey of Susie’s Touch decorated the prom with sequined dice, casino plates, and black and gold balloons. Students and educators had positive comments to make about the prom.

“The prom was a success! Students and staff enjoyed themselves getting to live one night in Vegas as a High Roller!” said Ferguson.

Carver Principal Dr. Thyais Maxwell enjoyed many aspects of the Carver prom.

“I enjoyed seeing our young men and women looking like royalty. They all looked amazing. Seeing our young men and women positively interact with each other and staff was great. They had a blast,” Dr. Maxwell said. “Our committee did a phenomenal job of making this an enjoyable moment for our students and staff.”

Senior Juliana Perez-Garcia wore pink and gray with her date Carlos Garcia-Ramos. They had a wonderful time at the prom.

“I enjoyed dancing to the music and hanging out with my boyfriend. I also loved taking pictures with my friends.”

According to Carlos, “It was chill because all of my friends were there.”

Alexes Johnson of the planning committee was pleased with the outcome of the gathering.

“The prom was great! It looked beautiful, and the energy was positive. I loved seeing our kids dressed up, smiling and happy,” Johnson said. “I did all of the line dances. I am a line dance girl. The food was also delicious. It was catered by District 924 Soul Food Restaurant. The chicken and macaroni and cheese was delicious.”

Assistant Principal Ashantae Brooks was excited that the prom went so well.

“Adults and students enjoyed the prom this year. The decorations fit well with the theme, and the food was good. They had a full meal to enjoy. The kids enjoyed the music. African American and Hispanic students danced and felt welcome. “It was like a family-oriented, community atmosphere that made all of us feel welcome,” Brooks said. 

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