Multicultural Fair takes people around the world

Multicultural Fair takes people around the world
May 10
10:17 2018

On Thursday, April 26 Diggs-Latham Elementary School held its annual Multicultural Fair, which is one of the school’s largest parental involvement events. More than a dozen tables displaying clothing, artifacts, food, and flags from countries across the globe were featured.

Throughout the evening of the Multicultural Fair, students traveled around to the different countries and received stamps on their passports after learning a new fact and completing an activity. Students, parents, and other guest also danced, drew henna tattoos and played games reflective of the countries represented at the event.

The fair was organized by 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year Abadesa Ochoa, pre-K teacher Lisa O’Brien and a small committee of teachers. During the fair, several teachers and administrators thanked the committee for their hard work and dedication to make the fair a success.

“Hats off to one of the best events I’ve been to at Diggs-Latham,” said Cymbre Cooke, a kindergarten teacher. “So much music and dancing. So many families sharing pieces of their culture with us. So much delicious food.”

Diggs-Latham principal, Ted Burcaw, said the fair was an opportunity for the Diggs-Latham family to celebrate as one. He said, “A truly joyful, inspiring celebration of the Digg-Latham community at tonight’s Multicultural Fair.

“Ms. Ochoa brought out the true heart of our family. We celebrated as one.”

The festivities ended with the breaking of a piñata and a Dance of Flags as several teachers presented the colors of the countries and danced with props. The success of the Multicultural Fair spread to social media following the event. David Sick, district Title III program director, and Rebecca Olsen, SIOP coach, both gave high praise of the event on Twitter.

Sick said, “Awesome multicultural fair at DLES. Big Turnout. Great Food. Great Vibe.”

Olsen was a fan of the food as well. She was also excited to see so many parents joining in the fun and learning. She said, “The Multicultural Fair had great parent participation and the food was delicious.”

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