Editorial: We must remain focused to unite our community

Editorial: We must remain focused to unite our community
December 14
05:00 2017

While the national community seems focused on issues that may divide us at times, Winston-Salem and Forsyth County should continue to stay focused on working together on issues that will unite our local community. 

In 2017, the Winston-Salem Urban League released the State of Black Winston-Salem report and the Mayor released the State of the Community presentation. The report cards for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System were also revealed.

Just as we celebrate our successes, we must learn to embrace our challenges. It is more clear than ever that our community must be deliberate to promote responsible economic development, discourage gentrification, create jobs, provide quality education and combat poverty. In order to truly achieve these goals, our elected officials, community activists and business leaders must work together.

Winston-Salem is a community that was founded on cooperation. In the current state of local politics, it appears more common for activists and officials to fight about issues rather than to cooperate with each other to find solutions. In order to leave a better community for those that will come after us, we must all work together to solve our concerns.

Parents must work cohesively with teachers and school administrators. Neighbors must cooperate with each other and be vigilant in our communities. Activists and officials must work together to advance policies that move our people forward.

We know from history that a community divided against itself will not stand. Winston-Salem is widely known as the City of Arts and Innovation. We should remember to stand on who we are at our core as stated in our motto Urbs Condita Adiuvando (A city founded on cooperation).  The future of our community depends on our ability to forge partnerships and to build solidarity.

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