NAACP banquet to feature Barber

NAACP banquet to feature Barber
April 26
00:00 2013

The NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet will be held on Friday, April 26 at 6 p.m. at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 910 File St.

Rev. Dr. William Barber II, president of the North Carolina State Conference of NAACP Branches, will give the keynote address.
“WE is the most important word in the social justice vocabulary,” he says. “The issue is not what we can’t do, but what we CAN do when we stand together. And we must stand together now like never before.”

Barber has led the NAACP’s charge against an onslaught of GOP-led legislation that has been deemed detrimental to minorities. Currently, he is fighting the General Assembly’s attacks on early voting, which was utilized by more than half of state residents in 2012; and same-day registration, which 250,000 NC voters used in 2012. A new N.C. voter ID law has also drawn Barber’s wrath.

Tickets to the banquet are $35 each. For tickets or for more information, call 336-714-8858.

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