We need a sense of urgency about voting in our life-changing 2016

We need a sense of urgency about voting in our life-changing 2016
January 07
00:00 2016

James Hankins

Guest Columnist 

The problems:

The oligarchical form of government is we – a small number of people – make the rules to benefit us, so you keep your mouth shut, smile, bow and just follow us “aunt and uncle.” The following politicians, individuals, groups, policy and laws are designed to hold progressive people down and keep us in our place.  Their goal is to return to the type of total control they had during the “good” old days in the land of cotton.

*Three strikes and you go to prison for life except for white collar crime.

*No increase in minimum wage, unemployment compensation or health care.

*Elimination of the earned-income tax credit for poor and added tax cuts for the rich.

*Cut teachers’ and assistants’ jobs and the amount of money spent per child.

* Completion of their takeover of the North Carolina University system.

*Support off-shore drilling, hydraulic fracking and the National Rifle Association.

*Their quid pro quo players—Charles Koch, David Koch and our “home boy” Art Pope.

*Their big three victories: gerrymandering, gentrification and voter suppression.

* The well-paid leaders are Gov. Pat McCrory, Sen. Richard Burr and the extreme conservative majority in the North Carolina General Assembly.

*Extreme conservative icon and political commentator Ann Coulter said Gov. Pat McCrory would be a great vice presidential running mate for Donald Trump because they share the same position on immigration and other issues. “Birds of a feather, flock together.”

Note: Pope Francis, the new leader of the Catholic Church, with his travels to many countries and message of peace, love and cooperation, is respected by most of the people in the world. The twitter handle he chose is “pontifex” which is defined as a bridge builder. He is building bridges with all races, colors, creeds and countries.

The solutions:

The following people, groups and actions can also be described as a “pontifex” / bridge builder.

*The triple love commandment—love God, love yourself and love your neighbor.

*Father, son and holy spirit.

*Faith, hope and love.

*Obamacare, support for veterans, and passing of the Fair Sentencing Act.

*Expanded stem cell research and improved school nutrition.

* Repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell .”

*Saved the U.S. auto industry and passed credit card reform.

*Expanded Pell Grants spending and increased funds to HBCU.

* Used his executive power to order pay raises for federal employees.

*Appointed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court.

*President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Rev. William Barber Jr.

We need all of you progressive people to become  pontifex/bridge builders this year. Please get out of your comfortable chair in front of your 52-inch plasma TV, stop cruising the Internet and turn away from social media long enough to recruit and convince three or more people to register to vote and to vote in our life changing 2016 election. Do this in memory of your grandparents, parents and for your children, grandchildren and most of all, for you.

You can stay informed about the candidates and issues by buying and supporting our local black newspapers. They have been and are still today our most trusted source of information.

Can we count on you to become a pontifex/bridge builder in 2016?

Galatians 5:1 (Paraphrased) “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore, keep firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.”

James J. Hankins is a graduate of all black Williston Senior High School, Army veteran, NC A&T State University alumni, retired vocational education teacher, past president of the New Hanover County NAACP, member of Friends of Abraham Galloway, and author of the book “What We Blacks Need To Do.” To comment or buy his book, you can reach him at

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