New coffee shop looks to serve more than coffee

Photo by Tevin Stinson

New coffee shop looks to serve more than coffee
December 14
05:00 2017

Tucked away on West Third Street near the old courthouse, there is a new coffee shop that is looking to serve more than just coffee and espressos. 

Statistics show African-American women own 14 percent of all businesses in the U.S., which tallies to about 1.3 million jobs. Earlier this year, Jemi Moore added to that number when she opened Off the Beaten Path Coffee and Beverage Cafe. Moore who was born and raised here in Winston-Salem said along with serving some of the best coffee in the city, Off the Beaten Path will also serve as a learning hub for other African-American women looking to own their own businesses. 

“Me and my business partner Cristen Speas-Watson have been talking about hosting events that focus on empowering women in the city, which will begin in January,” Moore said.

Moore’s business partner, Cristen Speas-Watson, owns and operates Two Girls Sweet Treats, which provides all the pastries and other homemade goods inside the cafe. Moore said, “We want to get with the 18- to 25-year-old women in the community who really don’t have a lot of direction but have a lot of talent to let them know they can achieve their goals.”

After learning the ropes of the business while working at a cafe while in college at UNC Greensboro and Krispy Kreme, Moore’s journey to owning her own cafe started last summer. She said after months of looking for a place to renovate on New Year’s Day, they were contacted about a vacant storefront business that had been used as a coffee shop in the past. 

“A voice told me stop looking for a spot; you have to set up to be a coffee shop, and a week later we found this place. We called and the rest is history,” Moore smiled. 

Since opening in October, Off the Beaten Path has already made its presence known in the community. During the week of Thanksgiving, Moore and her staff fed those in need at the cafe and earlier this week, City Council Member Denise “D.D.”  Adams, who is running for N.C.’s 5th Congressional District, held a meet and greet at the cafe. 

When asked what sets Off the Beaten Path apart from other coffee shops or cafes in the area, Moore said, “this is not just about a business.”

“Doing things that connect us to the community is what we’re really about. I’m a God-fearing woman, so everything I do I do it with passion and with my love for Christ. He didn’t bless us with this spot just to collect revenue. I have to give back.” 

Off the Beaten Path is located at 102 West Third Street next to Meta’s West Third restaurant. Cafe hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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