Editorial: We have some news worth tweeting about

Chicago Crusader Publisher Dorothy Leavell

Editorial: We have some news worth tweeting about
July 06
05:00 2017

When the votes were tabulated on Nov. 8, 2016, Donald Trump, the GOP’s candidate, emerged as the candidate that had the most Electoral College votes. According to the United States’ system of electing a president, he became president.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, embraced the Black Press when she was running for president. Trump has given the Black Press little attention.

So that means Trump probably hasn’t heard the news: The National Newspaper Publishers Association’s (NNPA)  members elected veteran Chicago Crusader Publisher Dorothy Leavell to serve as chairman of the group for the next two years (2017-2019).  This is not fake news.

During her first public speech after the election results were announced on June 23, Leavell came out swinging.

“I can carry a big stick. I don’t have to be cute,” she said.

The Black Press was founded in 1827, 190 years ago, and is still going strong.

NNPA represents 200 black newspapers in the United States. The Chronicle is a member of the organization.

Leavell has been a member of the NNPA for more than 50 years. She has held various positions in the organization, including an earlier stint as president.

Leavell has not only been a great soldier for the NNPA, but she’s also a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement, said NNPA President and CEO Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.

“I see her as someone to lead the fight fiercely for freedom, justice and equality,” said Chavis.

During an interview with the NNPA Newswire, the newly elected chairman said that Black newspaper publishers are hurting and that she planned to meet with companies like General Motors and Ford to bring in more advertising dollars to member newspapers.

“We are suffering, and with a new administration in the White House, it will take someone who isn’t afraid, someone who will raise a lot of hell,” said Leavell.

Did you hear that, Mr. Trump? You have another freedom-fighter on your trail.

Mr. Trump, will you tweet that?

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