Online Responses

Online Responses
December 19
01:20 2019

Our readers had a lot to say about Timothy Ramsey’s sports column titled “School of choice has ruined local sports for some schools.”  The article ran in our weekly issue on Dec. 12 and was posted on our website and Facebook.

Here are some of your responses from our website: 

From Lynn –

Mr. Ramsey, I loved your article on “school of choice.” I do not think at one point it was so much about the athletics as it was that they were trying to shut a certain school down. However, after the historical landmark was placed outside of the school by then Alderman Vivian Burke, that didn’t happen. It did leave the school, after three new schools were built around that general area, without any resources. No athletics, band, or nothing else for that matter. Even the best teachers have left within the past 6 years since my daughter has graduated. They built the new Atkins, Walkertown High School, and East High. That left this one high school with anything.

From Ben –

Best article I’ve read on this subject. This option of choice has destroyed the opportunity to compete against the best. Back in the 90s and early 2000s my high school Carver was respected and feared and I think the current set was clearly an attack on that school. Between choice, charter, and private my beloved high school has become that doormat you mentioned. We’ve produced great athletes and students who’ve become great pillars in the community and around the world. Hopefully we can restore order and bring back that Jacket Pride a lot of us love dearly.

From Jack B. – 

Another issue that’s overlooked and not mentioned in this article is, whatever system is established for sports, it needs to be established statewide. We have counties in NC that run powerhouse football teams every single year and it’s not because students live in a certain district. Talent likes to play with talent. If the system was set up to play in the district that you live then all schools would have better parity but would not be that competitive at the state level unless all districts throughout the state were set up to playing the district you live. So yes I can understand why athletes want to play for the schools that have the better talent because their chances of getting to a state playoff or championship is far greater. This actually goes beyond the local levels but really it goes to a state level. My point here is whatever is decided needs to work throughout the state to be fair.

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