Piedmont Plus Senior Games announces SilverArts medal winners

Piedmont Plus Senior Games announces SilverArts medal winners
March 28
10:33 2024

By Judie Holcomb-Pack

After a well-attended kickoff for the Piedmont Plus Senior Games/SilverArts on Jan. 19 at Hanes Hosiery Recreation Center, participants in the SilverArts competition have been busy creating their heritage arts, visual arts and literary arts entries.

The heritage and visual arts were judged on March 1 and will be on display through the end of April on the second floor of the downtown Central Public Library. Medal winners are as follows:


*Jewelry, Judith Ruff, gold medal

*Needlework, Martha Pyless, gold medal

*Pottery, (thrown or hand built), Thomas Spangler, gold medal

*Quilting (machine stitched), Irma Jackson, gold medal

*Stained glass, Barry Meadows, gold medal

*Stained glass, Doris Bennett, silver medal

*Woodcarving, Barry Meadows, gold medal


*Acrylics, Jeannie Romano, gold medal, “My Old Homeplace”

*Acrylics, Doris Bennett, silver medal, “Misty Morning”

*Acrylics, William Gramley, bronze medal, “Global Warming”

*Drawing, William Gramley, gold medal, “She Stares At Me”

*Drawing, Margaret Miller, silver medal, “Jamie”

*Mixed Media, Jeannie Romano, gold medal, “Standing Out”

*Mixed Media, Doris Bennett, silver medal, “Elaina Red Shirt”

*Mixed Media, William Gramley, bronze medal, “All Nature Sings”

*Oil, Sarah Brooks, gold medal, “Winter Trees”

*Oil, Jeannie Romano, silver medal, “Vibrant”

*Oil, Bruce Ingle, bronze medal, “Romantic Stroll on the Beach”

*Pastel, William Gramley, gold medal, untitled

*Photography, digital, Charles Swanson,  gold medal, “Bistro Foyer”

*Photography, digital, Judith Ruff, silver medal, “Sweet Nectar”

*Photography, digital, Bill Furnas, bronze medal, “Snow Moon 2024”

*Watercolor, Mary Lou Cianci, gold medal, “Migration”

*Adult coloring (local only), Frann Griffin, gold medal, “Purple and Gold”

*Adult coloring (local only), Sarah Brooks, silver medal, “Flowers”

Be sure to stop by the downtown public library to view all the submissions during the month of April.


The literary arts entries were judged by members of Winston-Salem Writers. Here are the medal winners:

Life Experience:

*Gold medal, Margaret Miller, “The Aunts”

*Silver medal, Verna Brewer, “The Passport Ordeal”

*Bronze medal, Peter Venable, “The Trip”


*Gold medal, Bill Gramley, “The Leaves of Autumn”

*Silver medal, Peter Venable, “Bridging the Gap”

*Bronze medal – tie – Sam Newsome, “Middle Aged Man’s Lament”

Short Story:

*Gold medal, Sam Newsome, “Firestorm”

*Silver medal, Bill Gramley, “What My Smarty Cat Tells Me”

*Bronze medal, Peter Venable, “The Love Goddess and Miscellaneous Musings”


Congratulations to all these medal winners! For more information on Piedmont Plus Senior Games/SilverArts, visit and click on Recreation Centers, Seniors.

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