Plant-based entrepreneur makes almost $1 million a year selling authentic sea moss supplements

Jeff Austin

Plant-based entrepreneur makes almost $1 million a year selling authentic sea moss supplements
December 22
13:32 2021

Nationwide ( – Meet Jeff Austin, founder of Plant-Based Jeff, one of the fastest-growing Black-owned retailers of plant-based education & sea moss products. In 2020, he started his company to specifically help African Americans combat obesity and other health problems, and now it’s an empire that has already generated almost $1 million in revenue. His main products, gold and purple sea moss (in the form of capsules and gel), are sea-derived superfoods that have more than 90 minerals and countless health benefits to the human body.

How it all started: Back in 2017, Jeff himself was sick, overweight, and he had a toxic mindset. Even worse, he was taking eight different pharmaceutical medicines every day. After watching the award-winning documentary called What the Health on Netflix, he decided to give the vegan lifestyle a try.

He started off with Dr. Sebi’s alkaline vegan diet and says that this helped him to shift his mindset, eventually lose over 70 pounds, get off the eight different medications, and reverse the depression and anxiety that he was living with.

His friends and family members’ shocking reaction to his weight loss and health improvement inspired him to launch his own line of authentic sea moss products. He started out making his products in the basement of his home and selling them out of his car’s trunk and at local health events in Atlanta.

However, after partnering with a digital marketing firm called 7th Pro Solutions, he says that his company began generating hundreds of thousands of dollars within just months and has been experiencing nationwide growth ever since. He is set to reach $1 million in sales in early 2022.

Although he is an entrepreneur, Jeff also considers himself to be an educator and motivator about the plant-based lifestyle. He has a YouTube channel and has published four books that are currently available on Amazon. These include ”How To Go Plant-Based: A Beginner’s Guide To Transitioning To A Plant-Based Lifestyle,” ”10 Minute Plant-Based Meals,” ”The 7 Day Sea Moss Smoothie Detox,” and ”90 Day Meal Planner & Weight Loss Tracker.” He is also the mastermind that has launched the already popular 7 Day Sea Moss Detox Challenge.

In addition, Jeff teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs how they too can be successful in the plant-based business. He has used his wealth of knowledge to create and sell an online course, to host live training sessions, and to produce a wholesale kit that he calls a “sea moss biz in a box” that gives business owners everything they need to get started.

Jeff comments, “Wellness is the prerequisite to wealth. People are slaves to their medications. My goal is to help as many people as possible to resolve their health problems in the most natural way possible.”

For more details about Jeff and his products, visit

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