Police seeing increase in credit card fraud

Police seeing increase in credit card fraud
May 19
11:30 2016

WSPD has investigated 125 cases of credit card fraud this year alone



Investigators with the Winston-Salem Police Department say they have seen a significant increase in credit card fraud this year.

According to Detective Scott Sluder, the department has investigated 125 cases since January. Of those reported cases, 117 people still had their credit or bank card with them.

Sluder said in many of the reported cases, thieves used a device called a “skimmer” to get victims’ credit card numbers. WSPD officers say skimming devices have been found on ATM machines at two local bank branches.

The average costs in the reported cases were over $300. Officers would not release the name of the banks’ branches that were compromised.

As he stood before the room filled with fellow officers, fire fighters, other first responders and various outlets, Sluter urged residents to be mindful of suspicious activity. He mentioned skimming devices are usually external card readers placed on ATM machines or gas pumps.

“Be mindful of suspicious activity,” he said. “When at the pump or using ATM machines, check to make sure there’s not a device on top of the card slot.”

Sluter mentioned although credit card fraud is almost impossible to prevent, there are a number of ways to ensure your credit card information is safe, including monitoring your bank and credit card accounts regularly and using cash when possible. Here is a list of helpful tips that can help you avoid credit card fraud:

*Lock down your credit report with a security freeze, which essentially shuts off access to your credit history by new would-be lenders.

*Never give out credit card numbers over the phone/Internet unless it is a reputable company that you have contacted.

*Never give your social security number to someone you do not know or a business you are not familiar with.

*Shred all important documents such as bank statements and credit card bills.

*Do not give out personal information over the phone or on the Internet.

*Guard your privacy and do not let anyone intimidate you into giving them your information.

For more information on how to avoid credit card fraud, visit the city’s official website at and go to the crime prevention programs link. 

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