Q&A: Robert Wynn Lash-Chronicle … “a proven preparatory tournament”

Q&A: Robert Wynn Lash-Chronicle … “a proven preparatory tournament”
December 24
00:00 2015
Photo by Craig T. Greenlee
Robert Wynn, Lash-Chronicle Tournament director



There’s not much that Robert Wynn hasn’t seen during his 24 years of service as the Lash-Chronicle tournament director. Even though these are early-season tournament games, the high-level intensity in December is the same as if it was the state basketball playoffs held in February and March.

From the very beginning in 1992, Wynn has always had high hopes for the growth of the tournament. Over the years, his hopes have come to fruition. The Lash-Chronicle is widely recognized as “the event” in junior varsity basketball in Forsyth County.

Wynn, a former coach and athletics director at Carver, talked to SportsWeek about his long association with the tournament and the man who the tournament is named after.

In a career that spanned 32 years, David Lash coached football, tennis and basketball at Carver, Atkins and East Forsyth. In 1997, he was enshrined in the N.C. Tennis Foundation Hall of Fame.

SW: Looking back over all the tournaments you’ve attended, is there any year that stands out over the others?

Wynn: That would be the tournament in which the championship game went into triple overtime. Carver finally won by one point over Greensboro Smith. That was 1995, which was a very good tournament. There were no run-aways in any of the games that year.

SW: In your opinion, has the tournament changed any?

Wynn: There’s a constant change in JV teams because there’s a constant change in coaches. There have been very few individuals who have coached JV teams for a number of successive years. So that means that each year, a different coach will bring in his different style of play.

A lot of times, the JV team’s style of play has nothing to do with what the varsity is doing. But even so, they’ve had very good play during their time (at that school).

SW: What is it about the Lash-Chronicle tournament that has helped it to become the showcase for JV basketball in Forsyth County?

Wynn: The Lash-Chronicle has proven to be a preparatory tournament. Not only does this tournament prepare players for the Frank Spencer Classic (premier boys varsity event in Winston-Salem), but also for the competition in the state playoffs.

SW: Is there a way to determine how much of a role the tournament plays in helping players get ready for intense competition?

Wynn: We’ve had a number of teams who have represented this area well in the playoffs. Many of the members of those teams got their start in the Lash-Chronicle. This tournament gives players a familiarity with what they can expect in top-level tournament games and the playoffs.

SW: As a former athletics director at Carver, you worked with David Lash for a number of years. What are your fondest memories of him?

Wynn: My fondest memories are of him as a teacher and as a person who always put the athlete first. Coach Lash demanded a great deal from his athletes in the classroom; that came first. If you can handle the classroom, it means that you can handle on-the-field and on-the-court activities. He was a teacher first and a coach second.


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