Rivalry renewed once again for 100-year-old golfers

Lindsay Tise and his son Tim wait in their cart before moving on to the next hole during the National Senior Games in Albequerque, New Mexico.

Rivalry renewed once again for 100-year-old golfers
July 25
02:00 2019

By Tim Harris

National Senior Games Online Newsletter

There aren’t many centenarians that are still active enough to golf at all, much less do it competitively. For that reason, it is quite special that two 100-year-old golfers competed against each other at the 2019 National Senior Games presented by Humana.

Raymond Lokers and Lindsay Tise are faced off in head-to-head competition at The Games. Both are skilled golfers, and they are not strangers to one another.

“It’s great to be back,” Raymond says.

After knocking a long-range putt in from the fringe of the green on hole two at the Santa Ana Golf Club, Raymond still was not happy with his performance saying, “I’m feeling well, just not playing well,” adding, “I’m enjoying Albuquerque very much though.”

Both linksmen had a companion present to assist with club selection, evaluating the grade at each hole and with maneuvering the course. Lindsey told the Games Daily News he was thankful his son could tag along. “I have my son here to look after all of the little details,” he says.

Golfers compete in three rounds. Lindsey has won both times in their two previous matches at the National Senior Games.

On the question of whether he thinks he will defeat Raymond again this time around, Lindsey pauses respectfully, and then confidently replies, “Yes.”

Lindsey, from Winston-Salem and representing Piedmont Plus Senior Games, defeated Lokers as he predicted and was awarded the gold medal. North Carolina Senior Games competition will continue through September. For information on Piedmont Plus Senior Games/SilverArts, visit and click on the Seniors link.

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