School seeking ‘village members’ to support struggling students

Benjamin Harris

School seeking ‘village members’ to support struggling students
January 17
12:00 2021

My name is Benjamin Harris. I am the school leader of Carter G.  Woodson School located in the beautiful city of Winston-Salem. This is my ninth year at Carter G. Woodson School. We are a Title I school; whereby 98% of our students qualify for  free and reduced lunch. We serve a population that is 55% African American and 45% Hispanic. 

At  Carter G. Woodson School, we believe cultural awareness, discipline, and personal responsibility are keys for a successful future and to break the chains of generational poverty and government dependency. 

During this global pandemic, we realized that several of our families are struggling with online/remote learning. This online learning format is new to everyone. We are asking members of your religious organization to support our endeavor of providing families with village helpers. 

At Carter G. Woodson School, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. Our families need an encouraging voice and a receptive ear. We understand that everyone must follow social distancing and all CDC protocols. If we can get a person that will call a family or knock on the  door and say, “Get up, it’s time for remote learning,” it would be a great help to a family. We need a faithful person that can encourage and relay to our families the importance of their child to log on and complete online work. We are not asking anyone to put themselves at risk; we are looking for community support. At Carter G. Woodson School, we provided all our families with Chromebooks and we are assisting about 20 families with the Internet. 

With the assistance of the faithful, we can help our families further. At Carter G.  Woodson School, most of our families are led by single mothers. Our single mothers need support, encouragement, and prayers. If you or any of your members are interested in becoming a village member to help our community, please email me at 

A phone call or a knock on the door can go a long way to instill hope in a family. This is our community. The children are our future. We want all our children to log-on and complete work online. The faith-based community is the backbone of our society. We need your support and prayers.

Benjamin Harris is the school director of Carter G. Woodson School located at 437 Goldfloss Street.

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