‘Super dude’ ventures into coffee business

‘Super dude’ ventures into coffee business
July 20
11:00 2017

Camden Myers is not your average 8-year-old boy. Although he enjoys playing with his siblings, going to the movies, and superhero action figures like other boys his age, Camden, who goes by Cam (probably to protect his secret identity from adoring fans), is a superhero in his own right.

Cam suffers from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which causes both cognitive and physical delays that make it hard for him to complete simple tasks like tying his shoes, or holding a pencil. Despite his shortcomings, just over a year ago, Cam found his calling when he started a pop-up coffee bar at local beauty salons and other places of business in the area. And with some help from his mother and other family members, Cam’s Coffee Creations came to life.

What started out as just something to do on Saturday mornings quickly turned into a confidence builder for Cam and a lucrative businesses idea.

Cam’s mother, Latasha Barr, said, “We originally started this as a hobby and it just snowballed from there. We weren’t thinking that this would be a longtime venture. I figured we would do it for a few weeks, but it didn’t end there, and he really started to enjoy it.”

Today along with serving up hot cups of java to drink on the spot, Cam’s Coffee Creations also sells packaged coffee in a variety of flavors, including House Blend and Hazelnut, which is a fan favorite. Cam said his best sellers are White Chocolate Mocha and his special Hot Chocolate that has a secret recipe. Although he wouldn’t reveal the secret, Cam said what he enjoys most about having his own business is meeting new people and just like any other successful businessman, the money.

“What I enjoy most is the people, the coffee, and the mula,” he laughed. “If feels great to know I can own a business even though sometimes I struggle. Owning my own business has helped my self-confidence, my anger issues and with math in school.”

In movies or comic books, the superhero flies in and save the lives of people in need. That’s exactly what Cam plans to do. One day while serving coffee at an event, Cam looked up to his mother and said, “Mommy, I want to help people like me.” While Cam’s Coffee Creations still operates as a pop-up shop, Cam’s goal is to someday own a sustainable portable coffee shop that will employ others with special needs. A GoFundMe page has been started to help him reach his goal of $20,000 and make his dream reality. Cam said it feels good to know that he can help other people like him.

Until he opens his shop, Cam is currently looking for more places to set up shop. According to Barr, Cam has already been booked for two weekends at Williams-Sonoma inside Hanes Mall, and a cancer awareness event this weekend. During an interview with The Chronicle last weekend, Cam mentioned that in a few years he thinks he will be able to compete with coffee juggernaut Starbucks.

“I want to make a better unicorn than Starbucks,” he said. “I thought theirs was pretty good, but I think I can make one better.”

For more information on Cam’s Coffee Creations or to make a donation visit

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