TAK University looks to inspire future entrepreneurs

TAK University looks to inspire future entrepreneurs
November 21
07:03 2019

At a time when everyone seems to be opening their own businesses and exploring entrepreneurship, a new alternative school is looking to equip locals with the tools to create jobs for themselves and become wealthy and successful business owners. 

TAK University is designed to assist students in developing an entrepreneurial mindset. According to the website, TAK provides a detailed understanding in audio engineering, video production and business. While speaking with The Chronicle earlier this week, TAK University founder and president Keith Goins said he decided to open the school to help with the dwindling job market and give people who have had trouble finding jobs in the past an outlet to create their own jobs. 

“It formed basically by watching the news and noticing some of the challenges that the United States is having,” Goins said. “The supply of jobs cannot really meet the demand of the growing population that we have. So instead of job seekers, we need more entrepreneurs, hence the reason TAK University exists today, to turn people who are seeking jobs, who are seeking a life of better opportunities. I think it’s very important for them to start changing their frame of mind.

“We have a community full of talent, so why not grow that? No one is going to give you anything, so why not go out and create it yourself? That’s my belief.” 

Goins, who has an extensive background in economics and business, said he comes from a low-income household where he had to overcome obstacles to get where he is today. He said he quickly learned that through hard work, building networking skills and learning how to communicate helped him overcome those obstacles and those are some the lessons he will pass on to others at TAK University. 

When discussing the various programs offered at TAK University, Goins said students in the audio engineering program will learn how to use the mixer and other equipment. Students in the program will also receive an audio production kit to take home and free recording sessions. In the video production program, students will learn the ins-and-outs of filmmaking while working closely with local filmmakers and videographers. 

In the business and entrepreneurship program which will be taught by Goins, students will learn how to read and understand contracts, negotiate, network, read financial statements, and how to build and maintain wealth. Goins mentioned he also plans to bring in financial planners, attorneys, and other business owners to talk with students. 

When asked what sets TAK University apart from some of the technical and community colleges in the area, Goins said the hands-on experience will be one of a kind. He said, “TAK University will be fully hands-on and I think that will weigh a lot in the future.

“That will give them real life experience instead of sitting there being lectured all day. What we’re doing here is building a business while you’re in school.”

TAK University is located at 1213 Greensboro Road in High Point and enrollment is now open. For more information, call 336-781-0594 or visit

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