Thank God for keeping a Ram in the bush

Thank God for keeping a Ram in the bush
March 02
05:10 2017

Ms. L.D.

Guest Columnist

Sometimes life can deal a hand of despair. Not knowing anyone in a new place, lack of good community resources, but most of all not knowing who to turn to or trust, we often turn to the Almighty through prayer and preservation with the hope of reaching the right ear or the right person that will heed the call of dire need.

Many times God will allow us to walk into a dark place to force us to trust Him to do just what He said He will do, take care of you. As a woman in today’s society with the crime rate at an alarming rate, and so much hurt and hatred against women, it’s very hard to reach out and trust. Only through trusting God can these barriers be torn down and a light of hope can come to full circle for His glory.

Once I mustered up the courage to make a call to one stranger in the Omega Psi Phi Chapter of Winston-Salem, N.C., a very positive domino effect happened. What I’m really trying to say is I truly thank God for keeping a Ram in the bush. I want to thank Kienus Boulware, Joe Bruinton and Cassius Smith, all of Omega Psi Phi, black fraternity of the Winston-Salem Chapter. All outstanding positive black men and leaders within our local community.

A very special kudos and humbling thanks goes out to Kienus Boulware, who happens to be the head coach of Winston-Salem State University. Last year in 2016, Boulware was selected as an “Honoree for Excellence” by WSSU. As he heeded the call for help of a stranger in a new strange place, he exuded the same excellence, dedication, integrity, leadership, patience and compassion. Not only did he show up, but he brought 14 of his football team members, both prior and current, all of whom had the right mind and right hearts. I believe when you lead as example with all the admirable qualities as a “good leader” both on and off the field, everyone else has no other choice but to fall in line. God kept his promise and sent the right team for the task at hand.

The WSSU Rams really got the job done. Every one of the team members exuded respect, integrity and care when assisting in the community outreach event to help a stranger in a new strange place and most went out of their way and was attentive to detail.

Special thanks and salute goes out to Guy Blackmon, Albert McLean Tevin Clemmons, Tillman Baldwin, Deshawn Boudy, Donald Baggette, Cris Caudle, Dematus Gilmore, Eric Peartree, Mordeki Charles, Josh White, Kenneth Sharpe, Sione Umufuke and James Bernard.

Because of the leader-ship of Boulware, prayerfully all of the young black men listed above will be successful and continue to lead in their future endeavors as positive leaders within the community as Boulware is doing.

Food for thought …always trust God.

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