The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local home care service is a blessing to families

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local home care service is a blessing to families
January 12
14:38 2022

By Busta Brown

“I remember working as a CNA and never meeting my boss. I worked for companies and would go into homes unaware of what I was walking into because of lack of communication from the company. So, when I started my own business, I tried my best to go out with my nurse, and I also wanted my clients to meet me. I make sure I can be reached, because I believe it’s extremely important to meet face to face with my caregivers and clients,” shared Kendra Chambers. She’s the owner and care coordinator for Eminent Caring Hands Home Care Services in Forsyth County.

According to Chambers, she started her company to be a blessing to families so their loved ones don’t have to go to a nursing home. “A lot of nursing homes didn’t allow family to visit their loved ones due to COVID. I wanted to give families an option to keep their loved one at home, while getting the care they need to keep them safe.”

One of the services Eminent Caring Hands offers is chaplain services, which I really dig. “Sometimes people aren’t connected to a church or have someone covering them spiritually in their time of need. I wholeheartedly believe in God, so I wanted to offer that if my clients need it,” said Kendra.

The companionship emotional support service the company offers is crucial. I remember visiting my mother during her time at a nursing home and I noticed many of the patients rarely had visitors. They would come into my mom’s room and talk with my siblings and me, because they needed that emotional companionship.

Kendra shared an even more pressing need for the companionship emotional support service. “A lot of times when you’re alone, mental illness begins to formulate. So, we’ll send a caregiver to go sit and talk to a client if that’s what they need. We’ll also make ourselves available by phone to chat as well,” said the Winston-Salem State University graduate.

Kendra experienced firsthand the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. “My dad was diagnosed last year. And every time I would consult with other companies when I was building my company, Alzheimer’s kept coming up. I’m very spiritual and connected with God. So I took it as a sign that this is an area that God wants me to take my company into. Eminent Caring Hands Home Care realizes that elderly, Alzheimer’s and dementia go hand in hand a lot of times. So, I make sure that my caregivers are well trained for even the simplest understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s,” shared the Winston-Salem native.

The company tailors their services to the needs of their clients, from 1-24 hours. “We have situations where a loved one can’t come from the hospital unless they have 24-hour care. So, we break it up into shifts and provide 24-hour care,” said Kendra.

The home care service also accepts children, seniors and adults with disabilities.

Company culture plays a major role in their success and connection with clients. “We’re extremely family oriented. I don’t want anyone within the company to be strangers. I look forward to monthly meetings where everybody knows each other. The company culture is all about keeping us connected.”

Eminent Caring Hands Home Care is well connected in the community and has plenty of resources to make sure their clients are well served. They’re now accepting new clients and now hiring as well. The Kernersville-based company provides professional development opportunities for staff. “I just partnered with a home care consultant agency that offers a lot of in-service and specialized training. So, I’m able to offer that to my caregivers and that allows them to be even more equipped and earn certificates, which helps them grow their resume. This also helps people move up from a CNA to an RN. We offer this with no charge to our staff.”

Kendra’s compassion comes from watching her grandmother. “She would give people whatever she could to make sure they didn’t go without. She never told anyone no, and never expected anything in return. I really believe what goes around, comes around.”

The ingredient to Kendra Chamber’s success? “If God gives us vision, he is going to give us a provision.”

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is Eminent Caring Hands Home Care. For more information, contact them at 336-347-9013, by email, or visit

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