The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local pastor opens conference center in memory of her father

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Local pastor opens conference center in memory of her father
January 28
09:51 2023

By Busta Brown

In 2021, SEG Jr. Conference Center opened in Winston-Salem. The reason for opening the conference center is an inspiring and heartwarming story. 

“Before my father passed away, he said you better learn how to create residual income. I was always a daddy’s girl, he gave me everything I asked for. So, I had no clue what he meant by residual income, and he passed before he could explain it to me,” said Cherry Teal. 

“We had a spot for six months with an orange room that we never used,” continued Cherry. “Before the room, I started buying tables and chairs, and didn’t know why. When my dad passed away, I went into the orange room, looked up, and said, “Is this what you’re talking about dad?” 

Cherry has a big heart, so when she and her husband of 21 years talked about opening a conference center, it became less about money and more about the people of Winston-Salem. “I found that a lot of facilities were very expensive, so I wanted to do something for the community. The SEG Jr. Conference Center is designed to host conferences, exhibitions, meetings, seminars, training, parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, or any event in a safe, clean and fun environment at an affordable cost. We serve everyone across the board,” said the mother of three.

The SEG Jr. Conference Center is named after Cherry Teal’s late father, Stanley Edward Giles Jr., “When he passed away, I wanted to have something in his honor. So, when the Lord gave me this vision, I decided to name the center after my dad,” Cherry said with great pride and a big smile. 

Stanley Edward Giles Jr. owned a successful trucking business for over 40 years, so Cherry got her entrepreneurial spirit honestly. “He was big on owning your business and creating a way to take care of your family. I truly admire my dad,” she said. 

Cherry said the SEG Jr. Conference Center is a one-stop shop. “You can rent the center, and I will handle all of the decorations for you. I will do a consultation with you to make sure everything is exactly the way you envisioned it. It can be a burden to worry about decorating, setting up tables and chairs. So I will take care of everything you need to have the event you envisioned.”

The first event at the center was her own and it was one to remember. “I was elevated to an Apostle. I put 110 people in an 850 square foot room. My husband Kenneth prepared every meal that day. Your character is all people know, and your attitude has to line up with your character. So I was so grateful that so many people came out to show support for me. That said a lot about my character,” said Pastor Cherry Teal. 

Cherry is also the senior pastor at Restored Faith Ministries in Winston-Salem, which is next to the SEG Jr. Conference Center. But that doesn’t affect the work she does at the center. “I realized that I’m also assigned to the market. When you know what your purpose is, then you will fulfill that purpose,” said the pastor and entrepreneur. 

The night after an event at the center, some of the people came to the church and stayed the entire service. Having a church near the center has been a blessing. 

With having such a busy schedule, I asked what keeps her going. “My husband is my pusher. Whatever I don’t want to do, he gives me that extra push I need. He reminds me that the center is what I was called to do, and somebody needs your voice and support. You need to be in the proper position and posture to receive them,” shared Cherry. 

Ten years ago, she was diagnosed with Lupus, so there are days when she needs that extra push. “The Lupus comes and goes. But last year was extremely hard on me. I thought I was dying, yet I was still pastoring, being a mother, and running the center. My husband saw a spirit trying to take me out. He said God will reveal it to you, and he did. When no one else got my back; my dude was there. I call him my dude,” joked Teal.

Where does Pastor Cherry Teal see The SEG Jr. Conference Center in the next five years? “I’m going to open a chain of centers. We’re in the works with our second center as we speak, Busta.” 

I asked this phenomenal woman, other than her pusher, what gives her strength? “I always keep a song in my heart, and know I can do all things through Christ. ” 

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is the SEG Jr. Conference Center. For more info, call 336-721-5338, send them an email @, visit, and find them on Facebook @ SEG Jr. Conference Center. 

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