The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Meet Winston-Salem’s own ‘Mr. Fix It,’ Julian Martin

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Meet Winston-Salem’s own ‘Mr. Fix It,’ Julian Martin
November 25
13:45 2022

By Busta Brown

“Being a young tinkerer, I would take my toys apart and then put them back together to understand how they worked. Even when I was able to rebuild them successfully, I would still get in trouble for it,” joked Julian Martin. He’s the owner and CEO of Appetite 4 Repairs, Inc. The company’s name is the perfect fit for Julian and his team. “I’ve always had an appetite to know how something works. I had to know, Busta!” said Julian. 

Back in the ’70s we called brothas like him “Mr. Fix It.” If it’s your cell phone, computer, tablet, or gaming console, he can fix it! “What gives me the most joy is recovering the data from a water-damaged device. Or being brought a device that allegedly couldn’t be fixed, and we would fix it. There’s no greater satisfaction. Putting a smile on a child’s face after we fix their cell phone or gaming device that other companies claimed weren’t repairable. I can fix it,” shared Julian. He added, “That’s why I make sure my prices are parent-friendly. Serving the whole family means everything to me.” 

He’s not only brilliant, but he’s cool as well. He is an excellent family man, which makes his personality very warm and welcoming.

Another trait that sets Appetite 4 Repairs, Inc. apart from the rest is honesty. “When you’re doing something you love, it’s more than just about the money. Of course, it’s great to make money, but not at the cost of being dishonest to customers who are spending their hard-earned money with you. I see love in the eyes of the parents that bring their children’s gaming devices and cell phones in for repair. So, my day doesn’t end until I know they’ll be 100% satisfied when they return. Honesty is a big deal for me,” said Julian. 

The father of two credits his mom for his humility and resilience. “She told me never to take shortcuts in life because you will miss the lessons you should learn. So, I never take shortcuts on repairs and how I run my business.” 

Julian attended Everest College, where he received his degree in criminal justice with a goal to be a forensic specialist. But after he did a simple frame swap on an iPhone 3G and was able to sell it for 5 times the purchase price, he knew right away that’s what he wanted to do. “To start, I would go to people’s jobs to fix phones, or they would come to my house and wait outside until I was done. But one day, my girlfriend came home and said, ‘You gotta go!’ My heart just dropped. I was like, what did I do? She said she was tired of me taking up space in her dining room,” said Julian.

Julian started his Winston-Salem-based company in 2009. “I’ve had plenty of jobs, but I was fired from every job I had. I learned what not to do and the value of providing excellent customer service,” said Julian. 

At Appetite 4 Repairs, Inc., they also buy, sell, and trade devices,  but it doesn’t stop there. “We’re also a one-stop shop for cases, chargers, cellular prepaid plans, and more. We’re the only repair company with a screen protector for ALL phones. We can produce a screen protector on demand for any cell phone you desire. Samsung screens, for example. Many companies use glass protectors that only adhere around the edge of the screen, but that doesn’t stop the dust from getting between the screen protectors. Our protectors adhere to the entire screen, not just the border. 

“Our turnaround time for repairs is excellent and is getting better and better. The average repair time is 45 minutes to one hour for basic repairs. Our diagnostics turnaround is 24 to 48 hours. 

“In this day and age, kids absolutely cannot be without their devices. Unfortunately, this also applies to adults. With that being said, kids use tons of pressure on the parents to get the devices fixed, which in turn causes the parents to apply pressure on us, but hey, I know the pressure they’re under. I don’t mind them taking a little frustration out on me because I completely get it,” Julian said with a comforting smile. He added, “I’m always extremely patient with all of my customers.” 

Appetite 4 Repairs, Inc. also builds custom PCs for people who love gaming. “So we came up with budget-friendly pricing for parents, so you can achieve the look and performance without feeling the financial stress.”  They’re also bringing back the PS5 soon to purchase, so get ready, parents.

Julian Martin also has a big heart. He and his team collect cell phones and donate them to battered women shelters. 

I asked the young entrepreneur some common-sense tech advice most people miss. “Two things: Make sure you have a backup of your information. Losing precious pictures and those visual memories is devastating. So, make sure it’s not only on a hard drive, because something can happen to that.” He recommends a server or cloud where you can access this information from any device. Many people don’t think about it until it happens. 

“Secondly, whatever devices you have, don’t let it charge overnight. That will deplete and kill your battery life. You have to train your battery and develop good battery habits. Batteries also have chips in them, so they develop the habits you give them. My battery lasts two and a half days. But I only charge my phone when it’s red and blinking. Make sure you train your battery well,” shared Julian. 

“At Appetite 4 Repairs, we aim to provide exceptional service for an economical price without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship received.” Julian’s business is in high demand. “It’s because of my drive. I know what I want, and I get tunnel vision until I’ve reached my goal.” 

Where does he see his business in the next five years? “I decided to franchise. There will always be an overseer to make sure the quality of our work and customer service doesn’t go downhill.” 

With such a busy schedule, I asked Julian how he finds time for his two kids and girlfriend with the crazy work hours. “I used to leave my business at 1 or 2 a.m. But the more you grow as an entrepreneur, you realize your time with loved ones holds more value than money.” 

The Chronicles Business of the Month is Appetite 4 Repairs, Inc. If you’re looking for a fast and affordable company to fix your devices, call them today at 336-671-7043, or stop by 897 Peters Creek Parkway, Suite 104, in Winston-Salem. Send an email to: or visit their website at

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