The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: This cleaning service’s reputation is spotless!

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: This cleaning service’s reputation is spotless!
February 22
13:33 2023

By Busta Brown

“I don’t believe in cutting corners. It’s that level of care that sets you apart from the rest. If people saw what an office building, apartment or house looks like before we clean it and sanitize it, they would be blown away,” shared Branden Long. 

Both of my houses didn’t look their best when I did a walk-through, so I can relate. I’ve used cleaning services in the past and was extremely disappointed because they did cut corners. But Branden says his company gives his clients high quality cleaning. “When I go into a place, I start at the ceilings and go down. I look at what’s been missed by others. We don’t just wipe around, we go underneath; we don’t miss the walls, floors, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens. We make sure your office, house, apartment, or wherever we clean, is spotless. That’s why our reputation is spotless.” said the CEO of Long’s Cleaning Service.

What’s ironic is that when Branden was a child, his mother ran a cleaning service and he hated it. “It was hard work, I never wanted to do it.”

As an adult he was in sales for years, yet he realized cleaning was his calling. “I inherited a competitive spirit from my mom, so in 2019 I decided to start Long’s Cleaning Service, and I know my mom would have wanted me to do it better than she did. So that’s where the passion and drive come from that sets us above the rest. 

“When we clean kitchens in apartments and houses, we unplug the appliances, move them from the wall and clean underneath them. We wash out the cabinets, underneath the cabinets, we lift up the windowsills … bathtubs, and sinks. It’s an extremely thorough job,” said Long. 

“As I mentioned before, we clean where most services miss,” he continued. “Long’s Cleaning Service won’t leave until your space is spotless. I tell my staff, if you wouldn’t live here, then it isn’t clean,” Branden jokes. 

Most cleaning services go in thinking about how fast they can go in and get out. And in so many cases I’ve known that to be true. So, Long’s has definitely gained a new client with me.

I never realized how extremely important and convenient it is to hire a cleaning service to come in before moving into a house or apartment, until speaking with Branden. “People leave food in the refrigerator, ovens, bugs everywhere, and if mold isn’t treated correctly, you and your children can become very ill. We make sure the mold is cleaned and treated correctly.” 

Long’s Cleaning Service offers a must-have service for the elderly, people with physical disabilities, student housing, as well as upscale apartments and houses of people who are always on the go. “Our valet trash service comes by and takes the trash to the dumpster,” said Branden. 

Long’s continues to do COVID spraying and fogging. “We use high-tech equipment for our cleanings. You have to be very thorough when cleaning up after weddings, church services, concerts, and other events. We spray down chairs, handles, and things like that, to make sure the next gathering is safe and clean. I can’t think of any other business that has the level of attention and care that we put into our services. We treat it like it’s our own spaces.”

Long’s Cleaning Service has won countless awards and the customers are singing their praises. Kri Hen shared, “Long’s is wonderful. The other day I locked myself and Long’s out of my own business. It was 100% my fault. Not only did he not get upset, he stayed with me until the locksmith arrived to make sure I wasn’t outside alone. The job was of high quality and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Long’s.” 

Valerie Weatherman said, “Branden and his team are top notch!” And K. Tarnowski said, “Long’s is very professional and thorough.”

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is Long’s Cleaning Service. “Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning to make it happen.” Call Long’s Cleaning Service at 336-794-6793, email them at, or follow them on social media @Longscleaningservice, and Tik Tok @lcsofws.

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