The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Unique hairpin design propels business success for local entrepreneur

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Unique hairpin design propels business success for local entrepreneur
June 15
14:25 2022

By Busta Brown

Sheridan C. Watkins has never been big on fancy hairstyles, but that is what inspired her vision for a hairpin company. “I didn’t have the patience to do all of the different natural hair styles, so I would make hairpins just to put in my hair to give it some type of different look,” she said while laughing. 

One day while pinning up her hair, a creative thought came to mind. “I looked into the mirror and said, ‘Hmm … what if I create hairpins that are interchangeable?” And voila! Shairpins was born! 

Sheridan put the letter S in front hairpins as a play on her name, Sheridan. The pins evolved into a 4-in-1 accessory. The interchangeable pins can be worn as a hair clip, necklace, brooch and even a pair of earrings. “That’s about women giving themselves permission and having the confidence to express themselves and wear what they choose,” shared the Winston-Salem State University alum.  

Ladies, you’re going to fall in love with the Lightbulb Charm Textile and the Multicolored Afrocentric Earrings. Shairpins also has a noninterchangeable line of earrings, necklaces, and décor. All jewelry and accessories are made from wool/acrylic felt. 

Her floral arrangements have an intimate feel and look that will warm the heart of all ages. My favorite is the single sunflower. Sheridan said the ideas for the floral arrangements were burning inside, “and I had to bring it to life.” The floral arrangements make great gifts and decor pieces and Shairpins offers same-day delivery through DoorDash during business hours.  

Something else you’ll love about the Winston-Salem-based company is they allow their customers to create their own jewelry. “You can customize your own look, colors, styles and fabric. You can bring your own fabric if you want to. I used someone’s old memorabilia fabrics and created something very personal and unforgettable. Whatever you’re looking for, I can make it.” 

Sheridan said she loves seeing the smiles on her customers’ faces, and truly enjoys the conversations about how beautiful her products make them feel. “I had some type of connection with every customer. I hope my jewelry gives them some positive energy that will last throughout the day. That means the world to me, especially as a small business owner. I don’t take that for granted. I do a happy dance every time I see satisfied customers.” 

The Charlotte native shared a very personal and intimate reason as to why she has such a passion to empower women. “I want to be very vocal about this, because I don’t want women to feel like they’re the only one, nor ashamed to get help. I went through a state of depression because I wasn’t focused on anything but the business. One day I looked up and everything around me was crumbling down. That’s no way to live. I went to therapy and began to walk with God and that’s what pulled me out of that situation. I was able to discover myself again. God showed me it’s what I do for him, but who I become in him,” shared Sheridan. 

Sheridan graduated from Winston-Salem State in 2016 with a degree in journalism and plans to use her skills and voice to bring more awareness about the issue of depression. She also credits her father, Wayne Watkins, for keeping her grounded and confident. “When I was a child, I used to doodle different designs, so he bought me a sewing machine. He’s always lifted me up. He’s the reason I’m successful today.” 

You can find Shairpins products in Winston-Salem at Kindred Spirits Fiber Company, Red Dog Gallery, Art-o-Mat, N.C. Handmade (online marketplace) and the Arts Council gift shop in the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts.

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month is Shairpins. For more information visit

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