The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Winston-Salem’s Sweet Sensations

The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Winston-Salem’s Sweet Sensations
October 27
16:43 2021

By Busta Brown

“My grandmother’s name is Ruby and my mother’s name is Gaynell, they both passed. My grandmother inspired me to make homemade banana pudding, nut cakes, pound cakes, and biscuits. I’ll never forget how she carefully measured everything and placed them in the pans. It was amazing how she was able to do all of that without a measuring cup or measuring spoon, and it still came out perfectly,” shared Wyomie Watson. 

She joked about how excited she was to taste her grandmother’s baked treats. “I couldn’t wait for grandma to get that good baking in and then out of the oven because I already knew it was going to be delicious,” Wyomie said as we laughed. 

Watson’s favorite dish from her grandmother is chicken and dumplings. “One day she said, ‘You better come in here and learn this recipe.’ I said, why do I have to learn it, that’s why you’re here. She said, ‘One day I won’t be here, you need to learn.’” 

That seed was planted and eventually grew. In 2019 Wyomie and husband Eric Watson opened Ruby G’s Butter Crème Sensations. “We call it ‘Sensations’ because our butter crème recipe is sensational,” boasted Eric. 

The Watsons said their biggest challenge is funding. “We got started in October of 2019, so we weren’t able to qualify for the PPP loan because we hadn’t been in business for two years at that time.” But the word is quickly spreading about the newest sweet sensation in the Twin City. 

Ruby G’s best sellers are their cheesecakes, pound cakes, and chocolate covered nuts. They also do special requests, such as an absolutely beautiful and delicious butterfly cake they made for one of their customers. “Another one of our customers gave us one of the best compliments. We made a cake for their daughter’s first birthday and the family said that the cake made the best memory for their daughter’s first birthday. They said the cake not only looked amazing, but it tasted amazing as well. They said a lot of cakes look good, but don’t taste good. That means a lot, especially when it’s your child’s first birthday. 

“And Ruby G’s Butter Crème Sensations aims to please our customers.” 

Barbie Pilla is one of their satisfied customers. “Amazing cakes! We tried the carrot, German chocolate, 5-flavor and chocolate pound cake, and all were delicious. We’ll be back!” 

Adam Starling is also a very satisfied customer. He loved the Hershey bar cake. “My favorite is the 7-Up pound cake. It’s the first in 50 years to stand the test to my sister Eunice’s 7-Up pound cake.”

You’ll also love Ruby G’s strawberry orange cake, oatmeal cream pie cheesecake, red velvet, rum, coconut, and more. They also have delicious cookies, cupcakes, and more tasty treats. 

Wyomie and Eric started their business from home, making cakes for family, friends and co-workers. Today you can experience Ruby G’s Crème Sensations at the Marketplace Mall in Winston-Salem.

 “Community support is extremely important, and Winston has been very good to us,” shared the Watsons. “God is the reason any of this is possible. As a community, we must grow together and then reach back to help each other. We plan to open a center to teach youth and adults the fundamentals of baking from scratch because when you’re baking from scratch, there’s a lot to learn. When our youth learn this young, they will also be inspired to become business owners as well,” shared Wyomie.  

Ruby G’s Crème Sensations donate cakes to different organizations and plan to begin partnerships with other local businesses. “We sell coffee, and I’d like to partner with a local business that produces coffee so I can purchase,” shared Wyomie. 

Eric and Wyomie are the best of friends and very loving toward one another. It’s nice to see couples build a business based on the spirit of love and respect.

Where do Eric and Wyomie Watson see themselves in five years? “We’ll have a storefront and get into corporate so we can take our business to its highest heights. Our motto is: The sky is not our limit; Heaven is. We aim to make your tastebuds feel heavenly because it’s not just about making money, it’s also about making a connection with the community as one family. We must support each other.” 

Stop by Ruby G’s Crème Sensations kiosk at the Marketplace Mall in Winston-Salem, or call to place your order at 336-331-3848. Call now to take advantage of their Thanksgiving sale and holiday specials. 

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